Thursday, July 1, 2010

I like that boom boom pow

Them chickens jackin' my style
All week my work chickens have been jackin’ my style:
No Monday off! Ridiculous!
So I had to take desperate measures
1.highlight and bolding faxes that have other business that are CLOSED! and putting in the appropriate box. 2.every time someone aka a customer, would ask if we had Monday I would so umm no, yeah no we do not.[especially fun infront of my brother] 3. I would make sure to try to work in the fact that it is silly to be open at every opportunity 4.ask my dad on off work hours! get the picture
My results: my dad volunteered to ask my brother if I could come in late Monday morning [his idea not mine, but grand idea it was!]…..and the answer DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! Yes! Woot woot!

So tomorrow right after work I am head drop top riding all the way to traverse city!
Bring on the wonderful three day forecast:

Throw in a little family, biking, movies, goodies, and fireworks! And you got a pretty good looking fourth of july!


  1. I love the desperate measures! :) AND I love the Luda lines! Luda right?

  2. those crazy work chicken... we need to hang out soon!