Tuesday, March 30, 2010

causing a racquet

Calvin, Calvin, sing we all to thee;
To dear Alma Mater we pledge fidelity.
Forever faithful to maroon and gold,
Thy name and honor we ever shall uphold.

calvin five
hope four

still will always love the rivalry.
Woke a little nervous for the lady nights. Remember the days when all you could focus on was the match. Didn’t care to eat or go to class, just wanted to get to the courts. But that was then, ahhh....now just super proud of the girls!!

yeah lady knights!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

before 9 am?

Greeted by a puffy/hurting eye. Father is making me call the doctor. I hate the doctor. She’ll probably be like who are you. I never see you, please make a follow up appointment. I do not want a follow up appointment bc I am a baby!
Greeted by a truck driver at the door. Aka tad late.
Greeted by my father in my office. Hug. Coffee cup drops. Coffee spilled all down my pant leg[s] and shoe. Rocking out the wet look.

Joeys advice: maybe you should just go home.

BUT wait:
Greeted by an awesome weather report!!! Sunshine. 70’s. love it!

Roll on Monday roll on…..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

50 cent

[not the rapper yo]
BUT the offer family video gave me for becoming a new member. 50 cent movies deal. and i thank them.
yesterday: 500 days of summer [so so] she broke his poor little heart.
today: did you hear about the morgans? [7 out of 10]

three days left of my deal. will there be more time to rent??
still want to see: blind side. post grad [even though got poor reviews] hurt locker. love happens. slumdog millionaire.

if not gwen is next for the offer. then jim. and then any other volunteers. we may be able to make it all the way through summer!

thank you weekend for providing me lots of sleep. much need. shall now bring on the mondays.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a dove a day…keeps the doctor away.

words of wisdom from chocolate.
[as if chocolate isn’t good enough]

Love the person in the mirror before anyone else.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


don’t go to jail.
filled it out. Count me in. did my duty. law abiding citizen.

great picture of the week.
lady’s new lipstick line.

yesterday as em and I were minding our own business. Just having a friendly conversation about the healthcare plan, just informing each other what it was about and just chatting---again minding our own business. Now if you know me pretty well, I am not one to totally engage in politics bc a. i just do not pay that much attention. B. people usually set way in their ways and not going to change. [both may not be valid but the way I think] Well anyway as I was saying as we were minding our own business….a lady next to use goes to em. Excuse but if I may say something, in that tone. And you know know what tone I am talking about. And goes on to share how what we were discussing was wrong…really!?!?! Now seriously was this the time or the place. It just frustrates me. We are at the gym and I do not know you and unfortunately I do not care what you think, especially when you are being rude about it. OMG did I want to jump right out of my gym socks.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

the fun began at the oasis.

march madness.
Betsy and I filled out a bracket on the way down to laura’s wedding shower. We picked the teams by which names sounded cool and who we thought we heard was good. Unfortunately we were doing pretty good, until Kansas decided to loss [we had them going into the final] all well. I will still be checking scores and keeping my bracket updated!

laura bridal shower.
We stayed with laura’s soon to be aunt sue. Aunt sue went all out. I mean all out. First we were instructed to be out by 9am so that everything would be a surprise when laura got back [which was fine bc we got to hit a huge mall!! H&M! yes please] We were greeted back at the house with flower arch way, rose petals sprinkled on the floor, desserts desserts and more dessert, water bottles with poems on the, our man cave aka accommodations had fresh towel, candy and even a Christmas tree with heart shaped lights. We did stay for the five hours and then headed back through some snow. Snow again. It was a fun day and a great time with laura and betsy. Oh and we stopped at an oasis on the way down---first one ever! Only got a tad lost on the way back. And hit up jimmy johns like it was our job!

new moon
Tonight we rented to movie new moon. I have to admit I really enjoyed the first twilight movie, but I was just so so on this one. Cliff hanger ended leaves me in want for the next one. Which I suggested to shatto we read to books and thought no. who needs to read them. So now I must wait…and that is ok.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

don’t pinch me.

St.pattys.festivities. wore green to work. Sported a green cardy out. Did not partake in green beer [they didn’t have it and not really a big deal, just wanted to see if it would turn my teeth green] and didn’t get a shamrock shake. opppsss, next year!?!?! But on a better note, I was able to learn [sort of] and new card game and hangout with some cool folk.

Tomorrow. Shall roadtrip it up with my dear friend betsy to Chicago. Ipod, snacks, mags, Meijer black cherry pop, camera, large vera. Yup sounds like a repeat of most roadtrips I take!! Lets do it. We will be attending a shower for laura!

Tomorrow. shall fill out march madness fun bracket. Is it too late?? I will say no. since all my picks will be a random guess anyway. and i didnt see who won today anyway.

Oh today was my half birthday! Ha! On top of the hill today…..roll on roll on!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

couch. you are my friend

Sixty two[ish] degrees and sunny today in grand rapids.

Which mean the first [of hopefully many] big bobs pizza adventures and reeds lake power walks!

Two thought provoking questions:
[1] will you wear green on st. pattys day? I am!
[2] do you stretch after running? I usually don’t and feeling the 7.5 mile run.

one funny story:
Today colleen walked in my office today--- actually busted in my office today. And said ‘happy st pattys day’ and I replyed ‘tomorrow’ and she looked at me like a deer in the head lights and started laughing. She was wearing green, st pattys sock, and sent her son to school with the thoughts that it was st. pattys day. It made me smile. Oh to be a mom!

Monday, March 15, 2010

miss lg I still listen faithfully.


got in the car. bad romance. miss LG
get to the gym, up the stairs. bad romance. miss LG
get back in the chair. bad romance. miss LG

Thought it should be such a good day, but ummm a little unmotivated @ the mes today. But we made it though another work day and that is all that counts.


got back in the car. bab romance. miss LG.
back in the car. bad romance. miss LG.
dinner at red ball. walk. finishing the movie - up in the air.

Weekend wrap.
Friday. Bowling for kids sake. Miss beths work fundraiser.
[1] strike by shatto, must do the sign [2] waiting for my pink ball and avoiding cigarette smoke [3] bad romance claws, miss LG [4] professional women bowlers and gutter ball hat [5] st. pattys team green. Bowling for kids sake. 20-10. team beth. Emily. Brain. John. Kari.

Saturday. 10 mile run [ymca doesn’t open until 7 on Saturdays, so my advice don’t arrive at 6:48] birch run day trip. i still love cardys. Lazy night with b and em. Watched the movie precious. Glad I saw it, will NEVER watch it again, but would in a way recommend that you see it, with a warning.

Sunday: church. Lunch with family and special guest miss shatto. The pops symphony with mom and sister in law. Walk. Home. tv/movie night.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

today’s mission[s] besides caffeine

MISSION: to determine how many times I answer the phone in one day between eight and five, with a lunch break of about thirty minutes.
WHY [such a grand idea] to validate the fact that I am just a robot whenever a phone rings and to alleviate my embarrassment of the cellphone yesterday.
RESULTS: I repeated in a happy perky oh so glad you choose to call “merchandise equipment and supply” how can I serve your needs, even when you ask crazy things or are extremely rude ---- sixty eight times.
MY REACTION: Validation??? I checked marked - - - yes!

MISSION: went to target in hopes of finding st pattys cheesy wear.
WHY: Because tomorrow I will be part of a bowling team [omg I ask for forgiveness in advance. Calvin may provide a great education but bowling 101 did not increase my skills] in hopes to raise money for my friend beths work’s cause. She has requested, as a team member that we wear something green or st pattyish.
RESULTS: nada. Thank you retail world for skipping current holidays before they happen and jumping to the next. Because everything in the dollar bins at target are now Easter.
MY REACTION: I shall improvise for tomorrows wear. I am sure I have something green and most likely a strand of mardi gras beads lying around, and in my mind that will suffice.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

who's calling now?

So today is hump day. Mid week. Rating 1-5 on busy level. I give it a 3.9. trying to multitask after lunch. Figure out some invoice stuff, while talking to colleen and my phone rings. Not my work phone, my cellphone and I answer it while finish the convo with colleen, “merchandise equipment and supply, pause on the other end…” then I bust out laughing. See people it is just habit. I do it like its my j-o-b! Good thing it was just one of our salesman…. who now thinks it is funny to answer his phone that way to me!

On a totally different note: to answer Lindsay question regarding RK mug treats [made it again tonight] It is oh so simple. Just pour the RK in a mug, spray on some butter [yes I have spray butter but I am sure plain old stick butter would work] and add two marshmallows or whatever you see fit on how much gooeyness you want [pull them apart and stir it all together] and microwave for 20-30 seconds and stir again. and then you have a party in your mouth!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sometimes it the little things...

in life that make me

happy happy happy

new clear blue bic pens @ work. hershey bliss chocolate breaks. 7018 on line up[started in the lunch room, lunch was over. strategically ran out of the room, then stood by the copy machine playing. Hoping no darn customers would call or come to the door, thankful no!]. watching dvr ellen. downloading four new songs.[blah blah blah. baby. in my head. need you now] discovering you can make single servings of rice krispie treats in a mug.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

fiesta friday+shower saturday=lazy sunday

Time: 6
Location: shatto’s
Guest list: em, me, betsy, beth, kim, al and sarah
Food: potluck of mexico
Games: most likely and the name game
Entertainment: la piñata, nearly wet my pants

Location: kalamazoo country club
Guest list: amy, al, kim, kp, and me and our mothers
Food: chicken and rice and chocolate covered strawberries
Games: the guessing game and the interview
Entertainment: we are always entertained with each other and conversations

parents are back. so church, lunch, walk with mom, taxes with dad.
reeds walk with shatto and then we watched a movie. lets just say i am o for 2. booo
bring on monday. repeat the fun!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

marching through the week

magnificent manic marge’s monday
trimming [hair] training tuesday
wacky wild whirlwind winchester wednesday
turbulent tiresome thursday.

only leaves for:
fun fiesta Friday!!!

la piñata y soft shell tacos y La margarita. Por favor.
por supuesto mi casa su casa or shatto’s casa.
arriba abajo
de nada

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

different moments of ahhh….

three days in a row of sunshine. ahhh
day two of official river bank training. ahhh
a successful batch of rice krispie treats. fond memories of the dr. ahhh
confirming there are two ways to spell doughnut or donut. ahhh
getting over 4000 on lineup at lunch. ahhh
girl chats at the winchester this evening. ahhh

in bed at 10:28. ahhh

Monday, March 1, 2010

magnificent marge’s doughnut monday

Fun night at john mayer.
Tired morning.
Work busy. Piles growing.
Get to y. parking lot full. Go to second lot.
Get out
lock the doors
Yup! keys inside.
Get inside. find my dear friend shatto. Stress.
Call brother. Delivers house key to my mail box.
Work out.
Jimmy johns pit stop bc we are famished.
Arrive at house. Get spare keys and seafoam snack
Drive past jimmy johns again
Get car.
Drive past jimmy johns again.
Convene in the living room
Relaxation=nails + bachelor
congratulations jake you are now a proud owner of a skanky bitch.
What to look forward to. Miss ali as the next bachelorette. Aka 25 hot men!

Good thing for marge’s birdsnest [energy] doughnut!

and a little concert lovin: