Thursday, March 31, 2016

florida continued...but finished

Now we have the four amingos haha

Grammy Grandpa Mama and Arie

we did pretty much the same thing everyday
park. walk. beach. pool. play. dinner. play. bed
we did mix it up one day and went to Key West.  It WAS HOT! and fun to see and walk around
Arie did great in the stroller and we were glad we went!

here comes some of the pictures

We started out our time Saturday at an Easter egg hunt
which had singing, crafts snacks and the hunt
Arie liked it all

petting a real bunny! 

finding the eggs

another activity
playing in the water with grandma :)
she lets him to extra special things haha

beach time with grandpa
loved sitting with him in his chair and drinking his water

switching condos
we had one week in each
arie didnt cart ride!

sunrise time with the mama

another morning at the park

another moment with the grandpa

having a little undie time while watching Nascar

post swim cuddle
heart heart this moment

tv time...we are on vacation

walk to the beautiful flowers

a different park with a fun slide

a stop in home depot

selfie on our 7 mile bridge walk...we walked the 4 mile part
and Arie slept the whole time
it was SUPER windy day

killing time after dinner
playing by the faucet

back to the park :)

look grammy a rock

and a night at the park
it was a huge slide which he loved and brought about a huge giggle each time!

Key West time

took a pic by these flowers two years ago

everyone got the selfie but Arie ;-)

grandpa loves sailboats

we went to the aquarium it was so warm, so the shade was a nice relief

checking out the sting rays

 and the sharks
where Arie kept putting his shovel in the water!! OYI little man

and the southermost point
then it was back to the car for the trip home

then it was back to the beach the next day for one more full day

one last sunset at sunset park

and a final sunrise on our last morning

a quick walk to say good bye to our favorite flowers

and a picture by the 'bunny' house

and nap and drive to Fort Meyers

with a stop at bass pro shop for a pic with the Easter Bunny
we were in search of a bunny all week in Florida and who would have thought bass pro shop
which happen to be right by the mall
thank goodness my dad convince the man to let us get a pic before it closes!

a quick ride around the airport before our flight

on the plane.  just the two of us
mama was a little nervous
but Arie was great!
an answer to prayers

snuggled right up and fell asleep!

 all good things must come to an end!
we were so thankful for this time away and had such a great time!!!
nice to be back home and see the papa again

and just to tell you how hard this little man worked
here are a few of his sleeping shots
[mama can never get enough of how peaceful he looks napping :) haha]

vacation is hard work!
and that is a wrap of some of the pictures :)