Thursday, March 3, 2016

over the hump

six of the eight days of papa being gone
but whos counting ;-)

well thanks to my sister in law
she invited us over monday, wednesday and friday and for dinner!

so we played
Arie loves playing with his cousins and all their new toys

slept like a rock!

happy morning buddy

a few books before we were off

visiting grandma marcia at work
he LOVED being able to play on the computer

and again slept like a rock

still waking up mama

more discovering 
for me too...I learned how to turn the lock on :) 

discovering how to climb and stand
three times

then it was back to his cousins house

anne loves talking to R
to bad R doesnt talk back or do what she says
r sit 
r play
r hat
oh anne you are a sweet girl
didnt even mind a head tap

firemean and firewoman to the rescue

more playing

and a NOT happy bed time
mama was done
but we snuggled to sleep finally 

and all was good the next morning

doing his sniff face at lunch

playing while mama makes dinner
before we headed off to dinner with grandma and grandpa pater at Arnies!

bath time
trying to drink from the faucet

and now sound asleep
and a fun filled four days!

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