Friday, July 29, 2016

up north part two

another day of vacation
starting with a morning walk to the park in PJs 
life is good :) 

 sink playing

walk on the dock

post nap concert on the deck

then everyone came over for a beach day

Starting our last full day back at the park


then downtown and the train park
who needs a park though when there is a scooper truck across the street working :) 

then back up to Elk rapids for another beach day 
and a legos birthday part for Dash

enjoying cake with Aunt Carol

family picture time

 our last morning
we had a family breakfast 
and a quick stop downtown
cherry republic was a must!

one more goodbye to Willa!

we had a nice time away 
a great pure Michigan time away

Thursday, July 28, 2016

up north part one

cousin time continued
as we all headed up north to TC/Elk Rapids

we spent time at the beach, downtown, and on the deck.
We had great weather which made it even better!

hammock on the beach!  yes please
[granted we don't sit very long ha!]

first family dinner on the deck 

after dinner time on the beach

breakfast back at the port



then back to Elk Rapids 
more hammock rides

and rock throwing on the beach

matching cousins in their outfits made by auntie rachel

morning water playing with grammy

downtown to see this huge ship

matching cousins!

silly cousins

flying a kite

beach boy

giggling on the deck

what a view

ending the night with ice cream!

and we still have 2.5 days to go 

Monday, July 25, 2016

play time

with cousins

on the deck

at the FMG with Grammy

at the park 

at home

at Grammys with Ben

at the blueberry patch

picking with Grandma and Dash

at the pool with Harry and Lauren

We have crammed a lot of playing in the last few days!