Thursday, July 21, 2016


months old
1.5 years old!
Happy Half Birthday Arie

So thankful for the last 1.5 years with this little buddy
he is changing all the time and very busy and on the go!
learning. laughing. throwing. running. crying. love bug. silly...all wrapped in one.
He loves to play with trucks. cars. little people. outside. anything vroom vroom.
shovels. sand. WATER!/pool. mama and PAPA. going to grammy and grandpas. and the gym.  

Stats.  24lbs. and 33 3/4 in tall
He has 14 teeth
loves to eat.  especially crackers. fruit. carrots. ketchup.  noddles/pasta. meat. PB&J
He says mama. papa. help. hot. truck. car. and a few others when asked
and tries other words that sound nothing like they should.  be the effort counts
he has learned to yell :-/ giggle (loves to be tickles) and gives wonderful kisses
which I love the most :)

Love you to the moon little buddy

and thankful I do not do these photo every month :) 

How did we celebrate your 1/2 birthday.  
unfortunately no cake this year
we did play outside with water!

Then we went to the zoo with grandma and grandpas church

a very fun day over all!

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