Tuesday, July 12, 2016

monkeying around

first up 
at the zoo

picked one of the hottest days to head to the zoo...but we still had fun :) 

checking out the fish

hanging out with the mama by the monkeys

playing on the train...probably his favorite park..we always spend a good amount of time there :) 

and the club house by the tigers

it was so warm the tiger went down to hang in the water

saying bye bye to Mr. John Ball

second round of monkey business
MES invited us to their whitecaps night out!
man I felt honored

we had fun!  sitting on the lawn with the grandpa
the lawn is just so fun [even though we had the whole deck to our self]

hanging out with Ben!

Uncle Jeff train

went on the field before the game

Anne helping Arie again :) 

not wanting to hold still at all that night

we had fun monkeying around! 
thanks again MES and we will be back zoo :) 

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