Wednesday, September 30, 2009

things that fall…on a stressful wednesday

Last night I went to miss shattos residence. Our activity for the evening was nail painting! So we gathered our collection together and sat down to chat and paint. What do I do but reach over to get the nail polish remove and tip it over all over my phone! And emilys phone and her carpet. Now we quickly try to clean it up, but my phones decides to take a crapper. It will not take incoming calls, the letters decide to change it up and it even sometimes it starts randomly dialing numbers. Soooo this is bad, bad because I need my phone for work and bad because of the possibility of missing a call. We even tried the hair dryer and that was not successful either. And ps Emily tipped it over for a second time, but this time not disturbing any phones---just the carpet!

So continuation to Wednesday morning. My father gets on it. I inform him of the urgency of the phone situation, and this now becomes quote “family crisis.” So first I get a spare phone, that doesn’t work.
Then I try my brothers, that doesn’t work.
Then I try mine again, that doesn’t work.
Now I am instructed to take my phone to 28th street to get it repaired. That is exactly what they did. The repair man thought that maybe I spilled something on it. I was like I may have spilled nail polish remover. So three hours later, and bit of stressing the phone is fixed and I am back in the game. I seriously found out that I feel out of touch with the world when the cell phone is broken. Sad-yes! But it is the reality of life.....

Moral of the story, beware of the nail polish remover. It doesn’t bring as much fun as the polish!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sometimes all we can do is just dance

What could be better than to gather together a large group of friends for a birthday party? Umm add costumes! So this years invitation to the 2nd annual kari- chirs birthday bash read as follows---Celebrities, pop stars & Athletes only!

The attendance for this party was outstanding. The guest list included---Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Fred and Wilma Flinstone, Bewitched, village people, Sarah Jessica parker, Beyonce…and many more and even someone cops (they were not famous enough to receive any cake though)

The food and décor was stupendous. We had chocolate chip cookie dough cake from coldstone, smores, peanut butter m&m, salty goodness, balloons, lots of beverages….and more!

The fellowship, dancing, and activities were wild!!! Enough said!

Turning 25 turned out to not be that bad!

So until another party I say: Bye bye bye poker face. Bye bye poker face!

A few celebrities appearances

After a great Friday night celebration, the party continued.
This little pumpkin turned FIVE! Miss Lauren wanted to celebrate her birthday in a different style, chuck E. Cheese.

After the parties, I had to hit up another week of work.
What did the week bring:
1. Lots of new shows/time spent on the couch with gwen--- Grey’s Anatomy, Dancing with the stars, Good wife and a new fav courage town
2. Also an interesting week of trying to solve life’s problems. Not sure there was any success but lots of discussions.
3. Artprize hit grand rapids, people everywhere and art all throughout downtown. Friday night we viewed a few of the attractions.
4. Well spent quality time with my mom Saturday afternoon, way overdue.


Shall end this post with some quote advice from gwen:
“Love comes to those who still hope even though they’ve been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they’ve been betrayed, to those who still love even though they’ve been hurt before.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The day is upon us.......

Quarter century: why must this be such a scary thing? Maybe bc it is the top of the hill, getting nearer to thirty, lots of scary life changing events could happen in the next five years or less!, no longer a younging, having to face the fact that some day soon I will have to start acting like an adult (nahhh), lots of things haven’t been accomplished on “the list”. But really all that being said it is inevitable!

So last night I joined in the celebration! Yes celebration! It took place at roses in east grand rapids with some of the most dear and near people to my heart---the fam!

After dinner we headed to my parents house to open presents and have cake and ice cream. Now what does any normal twenty five year old to be wish for. I wished for a nike + watch, clothes, cute stuff for the house, money, gift cards. The usually list. But as the true homeowner I am and truly blessed with an awesome set of parents that are always on the ball, I receive not only the nike + watch BUT also a huge broom to sweep the drive way after being mowed. And if that was not good enough, I always received a leaf blower……and wait a 60” extension cord to even allow myself to get the front of the house!! Gotta love my dad he was sooo excited! And thus so am I!

Last night was a great night and definitely a perfect start to the birthday celebrations…more to come Friday with the long anticipated bday bash.
So excited to rock out lady gaga---celebrity, athlete and pop stars only!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The campfire smoke lingers on….

The george is mine in 09 list was created by myself and miss vryhof to make sure that we packed our summer full of fun.
The list included such activities as: golfing, fishing, reeds lake excursions, tubing, captain sundae, and CAMPING!

With summer winding down we needed to check of that last adventure-camping.

So Friday night we packed out three cars full of stuff and headed out to grand haven state park.
The rules of the road were:
1.must wear comfy clothes
2.must have lots of snacks
3.must sleep in a tent
4.must have campfires
5.must be with friends

all of the above were completed, so I deem this another successful adventure!

Top 10 highlights of camping:
1. Laughing around campfires while divulging in hogie/hobo pies/pudgie pies, smores, mm’s, pretzels, peanut butter, frosting, chips, peach rings/gummie worms, and blue berry muffin cereal.
2. dancing and singing to poker face until the wee hours of the night
3. nearly avoiding 2:30 am attackers of our food and cars
4. blue sky
5. swimming pool air mattresses
6. striking up conversation with fishermen on the pier
7. 3 min video clips
8. magazine articles on the beach
9. huge campsite bathrooms
10. boyfriend hooded sweatshirts

Setting up the tent with b

hmmm we were warned


Packing up the swimming pool---heading out!