Wednesday, August 31, 2016

this boy just

likes to have fun!
doesn't have to be something special
just the day to day stuff he finds fun in!

playing with his little people garage

sneaking away to his room to look through books
aka read and dump off the side

visit grammys when they aren't home and play in her vroom vroom
he squeals pretty much anytime we pull into their garage

giggling because he just bustered 
true little boy :-) 

getting to watch a little of the open

playing at the park even when it is 80+ degrees

getting to go on a week night boat ride

very happy buddy to be able to drive

pancakes and syrup!! FAV!

breaking out new little people 

silly boy

loving to snuggle with blanket, pillows and the mama
likes to now pull my hand to show me where to go and what to do
mama mama mama :) 

blowing the leaves and grandpa
he came to visit!
we loved it

don't be fooled by the no smile
he loves the costco
he got all excited when we pulled in to get gas
so we made a loop
aka sampled and bought something 

a night time swim with papa

loves to snuggle in our bed in the morning
and play with his fake phone

more reading

a new park

a disaster try for a nap
do you see his elephant picture!?!?
he knocked it off the wall, which hit the lamp
and the monitor in the ground
then I heard... ought oh mama 
he was smiling when i walked in
he apparently was more into playing than sleeping, even though he was yawning :) 

more nap
meant more goofy playing

so off to pool to play with grammy

and 3 minutes down the road from the pool
he was out!

we have fun doing the same old 
routine stuff!
thankful for that :) 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

rain and sun

we had a little of each the rest of the weekend

rain Saturday morning brought about play time in the garage

watching the workers next door install a cable

then post nap 
watching papa work

then helping

back to sun
so eating pizza on the patio

and a sunny Sunday

Welcome to Ada Bible Church

post nap yard work

then friends came over for dinner and a boat!
Hello Miss June

the girls and Arie :) 
Great night on the river with friends!
and a good end to the weekend

Monday, August 29, 2016

motorcycles and elephant ears

Yes please
yes please mama!!

Friday night we took Arie to the Hudsonville Fair
He really liked it
btw the fair food, the rides, the people, the animals
he was soaking it all in

we made it!

checking out which rides look fun

 maybe a little nervous but seemed to like it
vroom vroom

looking for more rides

stopping for an elephant ear


 they had a bunch of lawn mowers and big machines
in love!

checking out some animals on the way out

this boy loved it all
and really tired him out!
we shall be back next year

Saturday, August 27, 2016

parks. parks. parks.

we have been spending a ton of time outside and at the parks
it is the end of August and I can not believe how fast summer has gone
so we are soaking up every bit of this warm weather!

grandma and grandpa joined in on the fun!

park after dinner with papa and mama

then music in the park in Ada
Dancing along and clapping 

another day another park
this time with cousins and grandpa and grandma

then back to the baseball field park
watching the guy mow the lawn
pure bliss

water table fun

this boy sure loves a ride with a stick

new bike joys

an afternoon at the pool

we will keep up this speed of playing as long as the weather allows!