Sunday, January 29, 2017

in home

by the papa and the mama
kitchen scissors
and a sucker

not so certain about all this 

 finished product

off to pick up our toys with tongs
bc tongs have been the go to toy of the weekend 

free haircut coming right up

Friday, January 27, 2017

these are a few

of my favorite things
should be a reoccurring post on the blog
bc Arie has a lots of favorite things daily

so here are a few of the latest
helping make his pancakes
aka getting to hit the buttons

snacks and this chair
so fun to push all over the house and allows for access of things that are to high to react

going to grandma and grandpas
and pushing the buggies around/playing chase

his stuffed animals
and choo choos on tv

looking at the Christmas lights on the tree
yup still on...he loves them so much I dont want J to take them down 

mr. Elephant
and the Aussie open

trucks and bats at grammys

a motorcycle vroom that grammy let us take home
pry it out of his hands to sleep at night :) 

the chair again
and choo choo books

cousins at grammys

the chair
the motorcycle
and wearing mamas shoes ...ekkk ;-)

little chairs/ladders to higher level accress

little spots to sit

likes to be a helper
aka take all the laundry out of the baskets

he LOVES to vacuum
will point to the door and beg :) 

scooter in the garage bc it is too cold outside

and the trusty chair again

and this is the first installment of 
'these are a few of my favorite things'

Thursday, January 26, 2017

and now it

is official
He is TWO bc
1. we celebrated his birthday and the 18th has passed
2. we went to his two year old check up today
looking good and 28lbs
3.  took some OFFICIAL two year old photos 
so here you go ;-)

and a couple silly ones
because this one is usually pretty silly 

the largest CHEESE face ever!

there you have it!
checked all the boxes 
how old is your son?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


and beanie hats 
just because 
who doesn't like to dress their kid in both :) 

all ready for church mama

and out the door we go another day!

and to tag along
we went to a surprise shower for two ABC mamas to be
one having a girl
one having a little boy
fun to be able to see these girls again

and arie LOVED the choo choo that they had

fun morning all around!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

sixty degrees

in January
It was a MUST to get outside 
and since it has stayed mild this week 
we have continued that trend and enjoyed not freezing our buns off :) 

vest weather!

washing his car
another similarity with his grandpa :) 

another day
another idea by the papa 

working on hand eye coordination

enjoying a quick bike

we will take days like this without the snow

Saturday, January 21, 2017

it is a fashion

ripped jeans
not poor ragged old pair
have to inform the grandpa concerning Aries outfit Friday
I know he likes to just give me a hard time

I loves these jeans
I bought them when Ben was born 
and now in return Arie gets to wear them
and I still like them :) 

here is Arie's debut in them 

and he wore them to the Griffins Game
He had a blast and so did we

taking it all in

loving being with grandpa and grandma

made it through 2 periods 
and if it was up to him the whole game
but he was exhausted 

and asleep in the car within about 2 mins :) 

we have another hockey fan!