Thursday, January 19, 2017

hey you

you look two!!


here iss how we celebrated our TWO year old!
Good morning!  
you sure look two!

a 2/z bad cutting mama pancake
and whipped cream :) 

getting our hair ready

then a quick photo
Officially TWO

being silly
cause that is the norm

then off to Bible Study 
and then walmart
who doesn't like walmart on their birthday 


and then being TWO means you can decide no nap
aka insert mama eye roll
we had a bit of tears in the afternoon
but packed up and headed to grammy and grandpas and the smile was back!
loves them and their house

did a little trucks and Aussie open

then papa got home and we hit skyzone

and dinner and ice cream
at Bagger Daves 
They have a CHOO CHOO!

home for cake

and gifts

then it was off to bed!
we made it!
Oh happy DAY!
I am a mama of a TWO year old :) 

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