Friday, February 25, 2011

serious, sillyness, seventy two, style

serious: When you stay with something instead of walking away, it builds something new inside of you, something solid and weighty, something durable. But you do have to wait for it. You have to earn it the hard way. That house didn't teach me anything the first year. But life and God, over time, used that funny old house to teach me about how nothing is all on thing or all another.
first helicopter ride

seventy two:
my first score in bowling. BUT one thirty five, yes I hit the one hundred mark. From the worst to the best!!! Fun night with the flag football yooosss!

Oscar party arlington home
bean dip
ice cream
dump cake

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

it is official!


the long awaited anticipation will be over
lady gaga will be arriving in grand rapids

next week as i sit in my desk i will have ants in my pants in anticipation of the blow your socks off type of concert!

very excited!

happy gaga on the ipod week!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

sleeping like a rock, apparently

last night was girls night + one [baby ben style]

evenings agenda: cuddle, smell, play, feed, diaper duty
discussion: ben ben bens eating, burping and diaper duty
grammy and auntie volunteered for night duty.
so it was suppose to be a tag team duty.
11:30 [round one] auntie warmed up bottle, grammy feed, burped and changed. auntie entertained sleeping baby. success!
3:30 [round two] auntie didn't hear a thing. grammy warmed the bottle, feed, burped and changed the diaper. auntie...still slept!
6:30 [round three] auntie HEARD mr. peanut. auntie kicks grammy to get up, grammy says your turn. auntie warms bottle, feeds, burps, and changes diaper.
7:30 [round three cont] mommy is awake and takes mr. peanut while auntie goes back to bed!
SUCCESS success! we did it!

How did i spend my Saturday?
First finished getting my ben fix. morning play

Followed by, snowboarding
Thank you patient gwen for
2. allowing me to hold on to you while getting off the chair lift [everytime]
3. for excusing my curse words in front of children
4. for limiting the laughs when I was headed down the steepest part of the hill
5. for showing me the ropes all over again, including trying to go backwards
6. for not laughing when five year olds pasted us
7. for asking and being concerned about the poor bum
Thank you miss g unit, maybe next time i won't be so scared! [if there is a next time!]

Followed by couch, then dinner at Brandywine
Followed by another bust of a pick at Family video. I guess if you have never heard of it and there are four copies or less at the store, then my suggestion [after many failed attempts] would be to just pass!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

what's for dinner?

starting backwards, evening to morning

funny convos with g
coldstone [cake batter with twix] + popcorn = dinner
surprise visit from Benjamin at work
turning over a new leaf
feeling good about running [t-2 to riverbank training]
getting a good night sleep

Let's do it again.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

success and unsuccessful

sleeping baby

a beautiful morning of cross country skiing

small hills & roads

first time to real food cafe

wearing my hat ghetto style and not having either friend let me know. I had to discover this myself in the bathroom

volunteering at the golf show
picking up the golf balls off the green
taking tickets and handing out golf balls

first time eating at Mr. pizza and subs [why have they been hiding this place! or why have we never stopped. it is delicious!]

homemade brownies from scratch for pink day [domestic posting kp!]

attempt at toffee ice cream topping result down the disposer [our little secret]

Friday, February 11, 2011

scale of one to ten

on the productivity level. I would say about a two, but we are moving up this afternoon. At least that is what I promise to myself.

Why so unproductive today at work?

[One] Backstreets back Alright! BECAUSE I had to be on at 10am to purchase backstreet/new kids on the block tickets! But got them! Bring on the fun come may 26, 2001. I will be rocking it with miss g, b, al, kim, and kp! woot woot!

[Two] I had a visitor! This little bundle stopped by for his first of MANY mes visits. He did sleep the whole time, but i still got to ohh and ahh and smell my favorite like peanut!

[Three] Now i am blogging, so as my boss would say [if he ever said things like this] Get back to work yo!

Happy Friday everyone!! rock it out!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

book review [part three]

Book: The Lo-Down
Author: Lo Bosworth [from The Hills!]
Synopses: It is a book ALL about dating and relationships. Advice, types of men and relationships you may find your self in. Has quizzes [that i didnt take! ha]
Reading time: one week
Rating: Good. but just a solid good. I mean i feel like it was written for high schools [which it probably was] so a tad cheesy!
recommend: why not, it is a very short read. funny and cute! But don't get your hopes to high, i read it bc of Lo and my love for The Hills!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

b x four

baby ben [update]

baking baking baking
1. red velvet
2. munchie white chocolate mix
2. angel food cake

birthday surprises & bowling. happy happy birthday my dear miss shatto!

birthday wishing
a shout out to [live, from gr] to a special b with the b-o-g-o! happy brithday [tomorrow!!] enjoy your special day!

Friday, February 4, 2011

book review [part two]

Book: A minor indiscretion
Author: Carole Mathew
Synopses: A married woman has a minor indiscretion [or major in my mind!] aka an affair with a younger artist boy that she meets on the street, after he draws a beautiful portrait of her. Her husband of course finds out, they separate and in return he has an affair with two different woman, but since minor is in the can guess in the end he comes back and rescues her from her lover that no longer can handle her kids and the cancer that she has found out she has and they live happily ever after! bah!
Reading time: a little less than a month
Rating: so-so. It did have some funny parts [written with some British humor] so kinda cute, kinda not.
recommend: maybe, if you got nothing else on your plate.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

you for real?

can you believe it!?!? I am still in awe! MES closed, first time EVER, yes EVER! [well at least for me. dad, brother, cousin made it in!] But not I! It took me over 2 hrs to shovel, dig, plow my way out of the driveway!

What else did i do on this day. This special day that was was deemed:

First: Opened the side door to this!

Second: open the garage to this!

Third: Finally made my way to this!

Fourth: Sat on this, not pictured: couch!
Fifth: got to do a little of this bliss!

Added in a little of this!

Sixth: take a walk to walgreens in this!

Also went to Meijers: OPEN! mall and family bookstore: CLOSED!

I definitely enjoyed my VERY UNEXPECTED snow day! Last time i had that turn the clock off lay in bed feeling was 12th grade. Oh how i missed you, may you come again another day!
Happy working tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

goodness gravy

huff and puff and blow this house down.
that is what it sounds like as i sit here in bed and read post after post and statue update and weather report.
no school
no BSF
no work
now play

well i got the boots set out, the alarm set early, the comfy clothes mentally selected.

Bring on BLIZZARD [insert every cheesy name you have heard thus far] 2011, cause we all know we are still going to rock it at the big MES! Thats what they pay me the big bucks for right! hehe