Wednesday, February 29, 2012

only get to write it

once ever four years
February twenty nine that is:

Happy Leap Day

since it is an extra day seems like we shouldn't have to be at work, but we are.
we are over achiever employees this year 2012!

go to Subway today and celebrate your goodness and get a free cookie or do something else special, cause you can.

so as the frogs would say--- happy leaping day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

national pancake day

round four!

do you hop
cause ihop
and hopped tonight

this was an off year and B had to bow out for wonderful reason
2013 we will be back in the game together

so back up plan....this year J HAD to take her place
so off to East Beltline Ihop with every other high schooler in the greater grand rapids area and hit the free short stack of pancakes.  well at least I ate the pancakes!

oh so yummy
count it, another year in the books!

Monday, February 27, 2012

watch are you watching?

on a Monday besides the bachelor & the Daytona 500!
great mix on a Monday with the Bogo.

BUT what else....

Well it was movie marathon type of week last week, starting with

ONE: Water for Elephants-
Now I had started to read this book, but was never able to finish it [i am ashamed but I just could not plug through]  the movie on the other hand was good.  I liked it, didn't think it was the best thing in the world but give it a 6.55

TWO: Twilight breaking dawn-
Yes I am a closet twilight fan, gwen cough gwen [no longer since now you all know]  But I really enjoyed this movie, left me hanging and wanting more!   When is next one coming out??  Besides a bit of blood and drama I give this movie a 8.2

THREE: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-
Now I read this book and really enjoyed it.  Yes it was creepy but it was good and suspenseful and so was the movie.  The movie was as creepy and there were parts missing from the book but I am glad to have watched it.  I would recommend it and give it 9.  But I do not think I would really want to watch it again, may have closed my eyes for a bit of it.....may kinda sound like a mixed review.  if you can get over the creepiness you will like it.

That is my professional movie review for you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

newest twitter man

Mr. Marat Safin himself.  The news broke on February 20, 2012
I was thrilled!

First thing I did...of course tweeted to him!  [waiting patiently for him to respond ha!]

Now he is now fully aware the my house still houses a poster of him, just like my college room where it once acted as a head board!  Oh Marat even though you are retired I will still always be your greatest fan...of your skills of course!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

best score ever

most likely
one hundred and fifty eight!
pick your chin up, you really did just read that

Calvin Bowling 101 finally paid off!

Pulled out my best skillzzz with the 8lb pink ball!

Dana was in town visiting B from O- Hi- O!

 Wenger's bowling alley is the place to bring your own snack.  Keep that in mind.  They allow it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Innocent until proven guilty

the face says it all

drum roll
the verdict

Mr. Guilty!!
oh how you make auntie laugh!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I remember the day

you were born...says the old lady
My cousin Ali turned 18 yesterday
Happy Happy Birthday Day! 
Jason and I were able to celebrate with her and some of my cousins at PF Changs last night.
Great night out!!  Lots of old stories were told, reminiscing sure is fun!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

pink day

was EXTRA special this year
EXTRA delicious [i may have made it haha] brownie for my lovey dovey
have to use the EXTRA sweet pet names on this PINK day

EXTRA special surprises left on the coffee table for me to find
blown sweet and thoughtful!

EXTRA special valentine texts and homemade colored valentine from this little man!

EXTRA special Hersey kisses left on my desk thanks to my padre

EXTRA special mail in my mailbox today, snail mail never gets old!

EXTRA amounts of pink clothing worn to truly celebrate in style.

Extra extra extra, tough act to follow!

Monday, February 13, 2012

low key weekend

BUT still was able to.....

one: continued the celebration of PINK month!  Koala bear-y nail
Two: Snuggled this little monkey....he loves his grandpa.  He is mr. personality and it is cute to see

three:  found my one piece swim suit.  check.  bought goggles at target. check.  tried out the y lap pool.  check.  i think I could do it again!

four: finished reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  It was a good book... yes it is creepy, but the story was thrilling and intriguing.  Now I want to see the movie and read books two and three!

five: heard a great sermon at church on Sunday....I am really enjoying Ada Bible and this eight week series

Six: was able to get a nap Saturday and Sunday

That's a wrap!  happy beginning of the week 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

another day of cake

and celebrating!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Mom!
A moment to gush on her big day
She is one of my best friends
has taught me more things than I can count
she is a wonderful example
she is still fun
and funny
pretty good at solving ALL the worlds problems!
and probably one of the best power shoppers I know
people say I have a lot of her traits and I am proud of that :)
love you tons mi madre

[grandma took this one of the table and us!?!?]

[the three generations!]

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

back then and now

Back then:
Northland Preschool
This is one of many photo opts with my dear friend Betsy
[or maybe Besty for the first 15 years of our friendship]

and now:
twenty some years later!

Thought you could enjoy a nice smile on this day
the seventh day of February
Miss verwys's 27th Birthday!
Happy happy Birthday my dear Friend and MANY more
so many wonderful, funny, silly... memories with this girly!
for sure more to come!
love ya my friend :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

who are we cheering for?

is what I asked my dad Sunday regarding the super bowl!  NY Giants
ahh nothing like picking the winning team!

Thanks to Jim and Gwen we were able to enjoy the game with friends out in Holland!
Lots of yummy treats
Lots of talking [not so much watching of the game]
I did like the half time show!
and the last five minutes of game
Fun night all around

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let me introduce you to

Miss Olivia
What a little peanut
And what a fun way to spend a Saturday morning with friends at B's house
What lovely hot mamas you are!

Let me also introduce you to my other Saturday plans
BAKING baking BAKING and one more time of baking
Four rounds of treats

ONE: Baked ice cream cake for the Bogo's birthday

TWO: Coconut cake for my Mom's birthday which is also this week

THREE: Football brownies for Super bowl party!

FOUR: [not picture] Regular frosted brownies for Sunday Lunch

The new Kitchen Aid was working [over time] like a charm!

Friday, February 3, 2012

dusty or rusty

actually both but my tennis racquet found its way out of the basement, thanks to Betsy's prompting to play last night.

Nothing like going old school and hitting up RIV-er-VIEW tennis club on plainfield
ohhh the many years of fits and fights with the madre to go [sorry mom sure glad I did now]...I mean they required you to not only play but also to run sprints!  and as a slow poke girl that was just never fun!

so anyway back to the outing last night
Head over there after dinner and walked in the door and greeted by 'peggy' we named her peggy because she looked like a peggy.  peggy heard my last name and wondered if my mom was Judi, I looked just like her! hahah
Peggy was also adamant that we could not use practice balls, even though Betsy called and talked to Kay earlier in the day and she oked it. 
So we took a chance and like every tennis club found plenty of strays behind the curtain.
Peggy was adamant that we could have an HOUR only [which when our hour was up, she was watching us from the glass window of the lobby]
Headed down to the courts.  Smelled the same, looked the same and was just as cold as it usually was.

Started the hitting...and it felt good.
Pretty rusty but good
Not the best performance but it was fun. 

My have a tiny bit of the itch back...we shall see :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

one whole month

filled with PINK
Happy PINK month friends!

I am starting this month out by celebrating with PINK nails
celebrate good times come on!