Wednesday, July 31, 2013

found some "stuff"

one persons junk, is another persons treasure

I sure hope so
so I decided to set up and ebay account to list some stuff that is still at my parents house
[my mom also informed me that once we finish our new house it will be time to move ALL my "stuff" out of their house for good]
so it is time to start eliminating
time to try to make a little cash

as of tonight
Nothing has sold or really been viewed
but there are four things up waiting for people to buy!

shall continue to list and hope for the best

oooo and how could I forget that I have a a TUB i believe 10 gal TUB of beanie babies!
sooooo heavy I could not move it into my car on my own, bad thing is most of the beanie babies on line are listed for 0.99....haha and here I thought one day I could make money on them!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

cont #the7314demo

There has been progress
The front
stone is off

The trees out of the side yard
this is where the new drive way will be

This is main floor where the kitchen was
now all open

the other view

The soon to be mud room and 1/2 bath

The basement and the first piece of construction
the new bathroom

and it continues to roll on each day
fun to see the progress

Sunday, July 28, 2013

that is so sweet

the first sweet batch of Z bread for the season
the farmers market had 10 cent Z, so I bought enough to make a batch
J gave it a gold star
wondered if it was easy, cause if yes then he though I should make it weekly haha

and a very SWEET group of friends
spent Saturday out in Holland at gwens cottage
we talked, snacked, walked and had dinner
and talked and talked
it was so great to catch up with these ladies for the day

I sure love sweet things!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

PRE project

#the7314demo has begun!!!

Before it started though I tried to take enough pictures to get an idea of all the changes
and to try to explain some of what we have done and what will still happen

The front
The stone is off
the window will be coming out and a porch will be added
plus roof stuff 

The drive
A lot of these trees are gone
there is a loop driveway added
and there will eventually be another garage and a separate garage 

The kitchen
and is moving to the front of the house and this will be all open and the living room

The fireplace 
the one thing staying!

Formal living room
which will be the kitchen

Dining room
half will be added to the new living/dinning open room
and the other half will be added to the master bedroom

and will be all opened with no built ins
bathroom moving to open up the living space

This large room will become two separate bed rooms

The back
The deck will be removed and a sun porch will appear :)
and eventually there will be a deck around that and extending down the house

and that is enough details now to keep from boring your :)
Shall post some demo photo next!

Bring on the change!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Has been my google phrase lately! 
I just LOVE all the excitement following this like bundle.
The new prince
And from his few pictures he does look super cute
Not to mention the cute family 
And come on Kate looks fab and is in heels... I mean typically after giving birth the day before. Not! 

Let the excitement continue....the NAME! (And hopefully full detail people magazine article)

Happy birthday Mr. Prince (July 22)

Monday, July 22, 2013

swimmie swim swim

at Bens house!
Family dinner swim night
it was perfect

Ben LOVES to swim
that probably is an understatement
He likes to jump off the driving board, go under water and even swim to the ledge with his life jacket off...he is a little fish

love his goggles 

could we make this Christmas card worthy...have to wait and see ;-) 

and that is a wrap...Lipinski Style

Sunday, July 21, 2013

sand filled weekend

Sandy Beach
spent another fabulous weekend up north with the family
this time around was Kelly and Rich and their kiddos. 
Super fun time

Girls rule!

Lily is sooo funny, Jassooonnn! and Tyler photo bombing!

Bubble time

The whole gang

Sandy dunes
Sunday morning J and I left TC to check out Pyramid Point hiking trail
We have talked about an up north get a away or day
and after our pastor talked about this location
I decided it was a must.
This weekend was the perfect opportunity check it out

The start of the 2.6 trail

Lots of it seemed to be up hill...especially the little dune we took of the path 

The look out point

Through the meadow

We really enjoy the hike.  It was beautiful!
Another great pure Michigan weekend!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

need water

this past Sunday!
It was super hot , kinda like this whole week has been
thanks to the radio man reminding me..."and it feels like a 100 out there'

anyway one way to beat the heat is to go on the river
so we spent the day with Koree, Eric and their son boating and floating 
great time...lets bring on the weekend again 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

two kinds of ducks

first the Ducky Lowell Festival
Friday night we headed to lowell with J's parents to check out what the Lowell festival was about.  There was a duck race [but it was Saturday] there was an 80's craft show and book sale 
we decided to eat at flat river after poking around the festival
it was really good and beautiful night out!

second the Grand Haven Pier
Saturday was an ice cream date night downtown Grand Haven.
Drove the Jet down kind of night!
we got ice cream at temptations!  So much cookie dough!! 

Then we walked the pier

and ended the night with some Fricanos Pizza snack! :) 

Such a wonderful summer weekend!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Seven eleven

July 11
All equal free slurpee day! 

Today was the day. I talked about it. Researched it.  Free small from 11-7. 

So I left reeds lake from a walk with Kim. Headed to the 7-11 on forest hills. Pulled in at about 7:05. Walked in the door at 7:06. And was told I was too late from the power tripping hs kid holding the free coupon tickets with a line of people all getting FREE slurpees. 

I was bummed. Ok tad pissed. Haha. I know it said 7 but i got the light...sooo even though I had talked and looked forward to it all day. Instead of buying a slurpee... i walked out. Principle ;)

I wanted it F-R-E-E. 

Enough said. So I will wait another 365 days for a FREE slurpee. 

Oooo And maybe complain to j three times how bummed I was! 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the grand traverse family

This past weekend J and I spent the weekend in TC with
Dad Mom
Jeff Betsy Ben
AND my cousins Marsha Jerry and their three super fun boys!

We had a blast!
We had beautiful weather!
We beached, biked, and even got to boat

Biked to the cherry festival open space

Boys on the sailboat

time to play in the sand with little peanut butter

Ahhhh pure Michigan beach day

more sailing with J and me vs sam levi and dad

The whole gang

building a pool

must have SNACKS

he LOVES his grandpa and grandma

Saturday night dougie rented a pontoon
it was wonderful!
we had packed lunches, swam and reminisced about the good old days

Fun night also going out with the adult cousins

such a wonderful weekend away
lets do it again next year!