Thursday, July 25, 2013

PRE project

#the7314demo has begun!!!

Before it started though I tried to take enough pictures to get an idea of all the changes
and to try to explain some of what we have done and what will still happen

The front
The stone is off
the window will be coming out and a porch will be added
plus roof stuff 

The drive
A lot of these trees are gone
there is a loop driveway added
and there will eventually be another garage and a separate garage 

The kitchen
and is moving to the front of the house and this will be all open and the living room

The fireplace 
the one thing staying!

Formal living room
which will be the kitchen

Dining room
half will be added to the new living/dinning open room
and the other half will be added to the master bedroom

and will be all opened with no built ins
bathroom moving to open up the living space

This large room will become two separate bed rooms

The back
The deck will be removed and a sun porch will appear :)
and eventually there will be a deck around that and extending down the house

and that is enough details now to keep from boring your :)
Shall post some demo photo next!

Bring on the change!

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