Thursday, July 11, 2013

Seven eleven

July 11
All equal free slurpee day! 

Today was the day. I talked about it. Researched it.  Free small from 11-7. 

So I left reeds lake from a walk with Kim. Headed to the 7-11 on forest hills. Pulled in at about 7:05. Walked in the door at 7:06. And was told I was too late from the power tripping hs kid holding the free coupon tickets with a line of people all getting FREE slurpees. 

I was bummed. Ok tad pissed. Haha. I know it said 7 but i got the light...sooo even though I had talked and looked forward to it all day. Instead of buying a slurpee... i walked out. Principle ;)

I wanted it F-R-E-E. 

Enough said. So I will wait another 365 days for a FREE slurpee. 

Oooo And maybe complain to j three times how bummed I was! 


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