Sunday, July 21, 2013

sand filled weekend

Sandy Beach
spent another fabulous weekend up north with the family
this time around was Kelly and Rich and their kiddos. 
Super fun time

Girls rule!

Lily is sooo funny, Jassooonnn! and Tyler photo bombing!

Bubble time

The whole gang

Sandy dunes
Sunday morning J and I left TC to check out Pyramid Point hiking trail
We have talked about an up north get a away or day
and after our pastor talked about this location
I decided it was a must.
This weekend was the perfect opportunity check it out

The start of the 2.6 trail

Lots of it seemed to be up hill...especially the little dune we took of the path 

The look out point

Through the meadow

We really enjoy the hike.  It was beautiful!
Another great pure Michigan weekend!

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