Tuesday, February 28, 2017

backpack. backpack

Arie's newest favorite thing :)
or ONE of his favorite things 

Thanks grammy and grandpa for the valentines gift
checking it out

post nap

loaded it up to bring to a friends house

and church
mr. greeter enjoying his snack and toys :) 

backpack backpack
we like you backpack

Monday, February 27, 2017


park. outside boy

with tiny bit of warmer weather or at least no snow [mostly]
we are trying to be outside

all sets with getting ready
choo choo shirt

and cheese mama

then brrr
hands in his pockets

'blowing' leaves

back to the PARK
his idea
head first
what! haha

pretty pleased with himself


stop mama
loves to direct :) 

kept warming up please! 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

good to be back

to my littlest buddy
but now my big buddies are gone

back to the norm with this little ones feels great!
books in bed
and snugs

post nap blanket snugs

running errands with grammy :)

choo choo in the morning

helping with laundry haha!  

blowing the leaves
he is a worker

post nap 
Books. snacks

and snugs!
my favorite

then a quick trip to the gardens
before grammy and grandpa leave for Florida 

oh my the butterflies are out!

looking for the with grams

and the beautiful spring flowers are out

it was SO nice out
60s in February
Arie ran outside in a tshirt the whole time

at grandmas and grandpas for dinner
he has been extra snuggles
which i dont mind 

after dinner
helping grandpa pack
and one last pic with the truck before it was off to Florida! 

had to pack in the fun before they left
now lots of facetime!!
so we don't miss them to much :) 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

on to Auckland

New Zealand
The last leg of the trip

We took an over night flight to Auckland
arrived at 6 am
checked in our hotel
took a nap
and then headed out to explore 

so Day one
 a walk around our hotel and out by the harbor

Meet up with Js co worker and decided to take a ferry to an island 
there are different excursions from the city
and we picked Rangitoto Island
hiking up a mountain to see the city
So gelato for lunch :) 

off on the ferry

welcome to the island

headed up

made it to the top!

then walked over to some Lava Caves

one more view on the way down

then a low key night after a long day
tried out a 'chain' chicken restaurant called Nandos.  it was yummy

 Day Two
Off to another island
Waiheke Island
This was a very large island
so we opted for the hop on hop off bus
there was a town
beaches. restaurants
very pretty place

we are off

First stop off the bus was a beach

then a winery with views

another beautiful beach

 and a little store by the beach that sold 
HONEYCOMB ice cream bars
soooooo good!!!

Cahty wanted to go to another winery 
when she asked where it was it was down a path and right and then about a 20 minute walk
they forgot to mention it was through the jungle. HA!
a slippery wet jungle

we made it though
J and I took in the view while they did a wine tasting
it was an adventure for sure! 

then it was back to the bus and then back to the ferry to head back into the city

We headed straight to dinner
for some Fish and Chips :) 

and a little ice cream

Day Three
woke up early to head out before the airport
St. Patrick's 

The sky tower

and then we went to see Mt Eden
it had WONDERFUL views all around

back to our hotel and McDonalds
for a Honeycomb Mcflurry :) 
and then it was off to the airport noon Monday
and well about 26 hours later
we landed into GR at 7:45pm Monday

and this little man was yelling mama and papa
and I could hear it down the hall as we were coming to the lobby of the airport
mamas heart was so happy to see him and his HUGE hug!
so good to be home to this buddy!
a quick bath and quick snuggle then it was off to bed

we had such a good time away
such beautiful countries and so fun to explore
also so good to be home!