Tuesday, February 21, 2017

about 50 hours on a airplane

brought us from GR to Sydney to Perth to Auckland to GR
but it was worth it over the last 10 days
bonus watched 10 new movies and read a book and a 1/2 
we had a great time away! 
so thankful for Grandpa and Grandmas
Arie was in good hands
and we are thrilled to be back home to him [and I would say the feelings are mutual]

We made the most of our time away
when J worked I was able to explore [with Js coworkers wife] and then on the weekend we were all able to explore
we had some relaxing
it was nice to see the sun again
and it was nice to not follow a schedule

We are back at it
Jet lag and all [thanks to Aucklands 18 hour time difference ha]

here comes the PICTURES!
hold on for the ride :) 

Starting off needing a pic with my buddy before the airport

Left on Saturday afternoon and here we are in Sydney Monday afternoon
First stop hotel then Bondi Beach for a 2 hour walk around the coast

the views were amazing

 That night we took a ferry over to Manly Beach for dinner and a walk
loved all the sailboats in the Harbor

the Opera House

The Bridge

Manly beach with my Man ;-)

The next day we started off with an early walk through the Botanical Gardens before Js meetings

then the rest of the day it poured
so did a little shopping and walking around
hello H&M

and then getting lunch by the Harbor before we were off to the Airport for Perth

and a Happy Valentines day
I enjoyed all the free Chocolate from the Hotel
and Arie enjoyed a special day at Grandma and Grandpas

Next stop Perth, Australia.....

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