Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28

today is the day
the day I repeatedly told people
I am due January 28...I am due January 28
we looked forward to this day...and it is here
and the little peanut is already been here for 10 days 
so instead of birthing him ;-) we took him to his 10 day check up
he is now 7lbs. 2 oz..up from 6lbs. 13oz

So here are the last of the bump photos

Week 38
As long as a Leek 

40 Weeks
with my little 10 day old!
happy mama!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

my very first


Doctors visit...the day after he came home Jan 21
had to have a weight check..gained 3oz.  good job Arie

resting after the doc...I like my seat
posed photo shoot on the table [bahhh haha]
had to see the flowers that were sent to the hospital! 

 Crib sleeping

First outing with daddy and mommy jan 24
they had to get out of the house
so we went to buy buy baby and got diapers!

first solo outing with just mommy jan 26
[means no one aka mom riding in the back seat]
we went to pick grandpa up at work and got to meet mommys work friends
it was a success!

first time being left with grandma and grandpa pater jan 26
mommy and dad went to Soups on
[5th year in a row...and location of their first date]

Offically trying tummy time
he was so so on it :)

and this is just the beginning of firsts!  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

headed to my home

and they let us leave the hospital with the little guy! ;-)
officially out to the real world

Waiting to be discharged

time to ride in the car...he is VERY was the mama..we may have both cried :) 

but then as calm as can be...good driving dad

home sweet home...smelling the wonderful flowers
wanted to remember the day we brought you home.  a cold. snowy. january day

lots of just hanging around
he really likes his bouncy seat

and reading and cuddling with dad

and mom...our new Friday night.

glad we are home! home sweet home

Friday, January 23, 2015

you are loved

and loved upon! Arie!
The visitors and love was unreal to your mama and dad!
So grateful to share the joy of you with others!

Who came to see you....
First up Grandma and Grandpa 

and great grandma

more grandparents

meeting Uncle Jeff and Aunt Betsy
peanut and miss anne

my wonderful tennis aunties

the Vandersloots
aka baby whisperers! 

terry and shelley


j. kool

Ali...she was the one to guess his name

the zecks glad she was working
got to see her multiple times

the Lipinskis
does this picture get any cuter!


and Kp
she gave him his first monogram ...made me melt!

first to visit Arie at home
jenn and meg

Lots and LOTS of loving
so very thankful
makes me so happy to know how loved you are and supported!
Thanks for visiting me - Arie

Thursday, January 22, 2015

He has arrived

Arend [Arie] Joseph Pater
was welcomed into the world on January 18, 2015
at 10:25 am
6lbs. 13oz
and 20 1/2 in long

We are beyond thrilled and settling in
I have a million pictures and keep adding to them daily
have to capture everything :) 

So let the pictures begin 
Welp here we go....epidural time [that would be why I am now smiling]
arrived at the hospital at 3:30 and he was here by 10:25

and here he IS!!!

First photo of the three of us

time to be weighed and cleaned up

Here are my stats

and now time to cuddle with dad

and then with mama

Then it was off to the next room for settling in and VISITORS!! 
So beyond thankful for the miracle and precious healthy boy and a safe delivery
God is good! 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

how old...

are you Ben??
FOUR!!! WHAT!  [Monday officially]
but we celebrated Friday night
with Jackson, Levi and Jakob the other birthday boys

Can't believe my peanut butter cup is four shall I also pinch his cheeks ;-)
He is so fun and such a blessing in my life...wishing him another year of blessing and adventures! 

Party. Party. Party

Started off with playing with Grandma and Grandpa

Such a good smile!

Present time


4 cakes...does it really get any better 

That look says is all

Happy Happy fourth birthday!!!