Thursday, January 15, 2015

Project. Pass or fail.

That is how I felt about my afternoon project.
Tie onesie. 

Finally got my sewing machine to my house
(So mind you this was a solo project...usually rely heavily on my mom) granted she was contacted via text. Haha

So now I have the fabric and the machine. 
It was go time. 
Thank you Pinterest for the help. 

First up make a pattern (I don't have a printer) so measured it out. 

Next cut it out and iron on the backing. 

Then it was go time for the sewing machine. And that is where it got sticky. 
Had to google how to thread the bobbin. Check
Remember how to work it.....success. 
Try to do a zigzag stitch. Wouldn't work. Hmm I blame the machine (consulates my mom) she didn't know either...I am going with broken ;) 

After tense moments...aka a half hour or so. Complete!! 

Happy with results. Hope he doesn't poop in it on its debut :) 

And just to prove the sewing machine frustration. 

All done. May or may not attempt another.... Time will tell. 
Now we just need you here bean...13 days and counting! 

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  1. Love love love! I've been meaning to drag my machine out...ERK! Stay on the texter please! :)