Tuesday, January 27, 2015

my very first


Doctors visit...the day after he came home Jan 21
had to have a weight check..gained 3oz.  good job Arie

resting after the doc...I like my seat
posed photo shoot on the table [bahhh haha]
had to see the flowers that were sent to the hospital! 

 Crib sleeping

First outing with daddy and mommy jan 24
they had to get out of the house
so we went to buy buy baby and got diapers!

first solo outing with just mommy jan 26
[means no one aka mom riding in the back seat]
we went to pick grandpa up at work and got to meet mommys work friends
it was a success!

first time being left with grandma and grandpa pater jan 26
mommy and dad went to Soups on
[5th year in a row...and location of their first date]

Offically trying tummy time
he was so so on it :)

and this is just the beginning of firsts!  

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