Wednesday, January 7, 2015

i do stuff

I have not sat around watching soaps [yet] haha
But keeping busy and checking of my list of things to do before the bean
round one

1. Make Beef stew [real dinner] and the left overs for a freezer meal [build up the stock]

 2. Clean out my old room
haha my tennis boy shelf...goodbye!
made progress but there is a lot more to do 

3. Lunch date with Ben aka peanut
Panera Bread by the fire [his choice] 
Grilled cheese, yogurt and lemonade
and well we had to also get a cookie


auntie I am good at taking pictures, let me do it
not bad ;-) hehe
it was a blast
he is just funny and growing up....sigh :) 
lets do it again

3 things down...

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