Friday, January 23, 2015

you are loved

and loved upon! Arie!
The visitors and love was unreal to your mama and dad!
So grateful to share the joy of you with others!

Who came to see you....
First up Grandma and Grandpa 

and great grandma

more grandparents

meeting Uncle Jeff and Aunt Betsy
peanut and miss anne

my wonderful tennis aunties

the Vandersloots
aka baby whisperers! 

terry and shelley


j. kool

Ali...she was the one to guess his name

the zecks glad she was working
got to see her multiple times

the Lipinskis
does this picture get any cuter!


and Kp
she gave him his first monogram ...made me melt!

first to visit Arie at home
jenn and meg

Lots and LOTS of loving
so very thankful
makes me so happy to know how loved you are and supported!
Thanks for visiting me - Arie

1 comment:

  1. So excited Arie is here! Love him tons!!!! He is lucky to have you and Jason as his parents! You guys are doing great!