Monday, January 5, 2015

and that is a wrap

retirement happened Friday from the MES
which is still crazy to say.
2003 started part time
2007 started full time 
7 full years of waking up, driving to the MES and workin it 
my only real job and is what I know. 

thankful for that time there
and thankful and looking forward to my next job
tbd on start date ;-)

one more drive in...

walked in to balloons, brownies and a flower
and Happy Last day!
thanks to my bosses, very kind!

 Jimmy Johns party platter, does it get any better!

one more view from my desk
aka driving a desk

and one more visit from some pretty awesome visitors!
sure make auntie feel special

Bittersweet day for sure....but we made it!
thanks MES for a good run!  
and ps.  dont think I wont visit :) 

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