Sunday, November 30, 2014

pumpkin dessert

and thankfulness
This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at J's Grandmas house
Lots of family, good food and fun
and ended the day Black "friday" shopping with my mom

more power shopping and Elf with the Mama
When the boys are away hunting, we continue to play!
Elf was REALLY good!  So glad we could go

So MUCH to be thankful for this year
truly feeling blessed
Health always comes to the top of my mind for family, friends and loved ones
my hubby and his love and support this year
the little bean, can not express how thankfully I already am for this miracle! 
so many lovely friends and times together
Thanking the Lord for another year filled with Blessings!
Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

just in case

you missed it
and in honor of Thanksgiving.....

Why was the turkey arrested on Thanksgiving Day??
He was suspected of FOWL play

What kind of music did the Pilgrims listen to?
Plymouth Rock

Who never eats on Thanksgiving??
A turkey because he is always stuffed

and just in case you wanted to see these pictures
A little mama time at Mary Poppins
'Just a spoonful of sugar'
really a great night out at Civic

 and just in case you wanted to see a picture of dougers buck
a little papa time
quick break from work to the butcher
just your typical outing :) 

so just in you are filled in! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014


we are continuing....
we have stepped out of the double digits (just barely) in anticipation for little bean
today marks 9 week 3 days, give or take right!

Preparation number one:
Cleaning his room out
and putting the crib together

Preparation number two:
Reading, actually had a lazy Sunday morning and capitalized on the reading

 Preparation number three:
buying little tiny clothes...can't help it :)
yes I ooo and ahh in the store! 

Preparation number four:
Eat ;-) 
the belly has turned into quite the shelf
I'll take it, it is convenient watching tv!

lots more preparation to come, but we are getting there
and lets be honest...will we ever really be prepared!!?! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

happiest wishes

to the Douger!
Happy 62nd Birthday Douger, Dad, and Grandpa!
So thankful for another year celebrating dad!
So grateful for him!
and so glad we could celebrate tuesday!

Lasagna, salad, and carrot cake
and Huge smiles by Mr. Ben!

Funny Super SNOWY Night!
Happy happy Day Dad!

Monday, November 17, 2014

baby yourself

was the theme of my first baby shower for the bean
giving by my aunt terry
she really out did herself with the food, details and ideas

Lots of duckies, bubbles, and blue! :)
it was great.  lots of loving for the bean already

Cute table decor
and baby facts trivia

The sweets and favors

the bubble bath punch!

Some of the guests and hostess

gifts!  a fuzzy bear with ears snow suit.  YES please!

The mama/grandmama!  

Miss Lauren!  

Such a fun fun it lasted 5 hours! :)
Thankful for all the kind and generous ladies that come!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

tornadoes and pirates

Reed Timmer the storm chaser spoke at the Dutch dinner this past week
he was really interesting and good
a very scary job to have!

I got to the enjoy the dutch dinner with B!

and with the hubby

and get my picture with Reed :)

Then the next day we had an event at the GR Museum
It was a roaming dinner and we were able to see the new pirates exhibit 
[not that interesting...but some may enjoy it more than me! haha]
argh pirates! haha

both nights were really fun! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It is a fact

That it actual snowed today.
It seems too early. 
It is pretty (in the sit at home in you pj day) not drive to work :) 
But I live in Michigan bring on the next 4ish months. Haha

Maybe a Christmas tune or two can help.....can't confirm nor deny 
Happy first day of snow. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

celebrate and not so much


Friday we started out Celebrating Kimmy and JZ and their engagement!
SO happy and excited for these two!
Excited for 5-1-15!

We had a great night hosted by G and Jim
and played the fish bowl game, which brought about MANY laughs! ;-)
Can't wait for the next party to play again!

and then there was a lack of celebrating Saturday at the MSU game
It was a great time with Sarah and Cory but the score was NOT what we were hoping for!
but on the plus side being packed in like sardines helped us not freeze! 

celebrate good times come on!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

bump ahead

or already here
another bump update

week 26
He is the size of a English cucumber :) 

Week 28
He is the size of an eggplant

Today we had our second Ultra Sound and all is well!
We got to see his heart beating, arms tucked by his face and even was told he has a little bit of hair on his head :)
So amazing to be able to see this little miracle.  Praise the Lord!
Keep growing and getting stronger little buddy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Time is ticking

This week starts birth class
One class down, four to go. 
We did pretty good on being serious :) 

The crib also arrived. In many pieces. But it is here! 

And tomorrow is the hospital visit. 
Ready or not here we come. :) 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

pumpkin and mums

were everywhere at the FMG 
B and I went for a walk exploring the gardens
it was really a beautiful fall day 
sun. mums. pumkins.

The horse!

Thanks for inviting B!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

argh matey

Happy Halloween
Friday I got a visit from Jake the Pirate and Skully the Parrot
and a text from Teddy [mascot of the Washington Nationals]

She is just a peanut.  So happy! She is really miss sweet Anne!

 Say Cheese! and then get candy! hehe

Grandma and Grandpa also visited and brought treasure!  

 Hello Teddy!  :)

and you know just your typical Halloween night with your hubby
Leave a note and candy on the front porch just in case
[but not one came...we tried!]

and then run errands and eat at Russ with a COUPON!!! hehe

I call that a good good night!
Happy Halloween!