Tuesday, June 29, 2010

line cutters suck

This was one of the signs posted at the LUDA concert last night! the adventure to Muskegon summer celebration went like this: Left the home in the jet blasting LUDA cd all the way. Arrived at heritage landing and found $5 dollar parking with crazies! Walked to the concert. Not interested in drinking alcohol for the evening and got slap with a bright yellow wrist band stating- UNDERAGE! First stop for Kari- mr.jons to go. Gwen-only laughed and took pictures. Had a little time to kill so walked around and observed the opening band, the mummies and the Carnes of Muskegon. Oh where there some outfit. Heels, Shorty shorts, heels with Shorty shorts, boobs everywhere, tattoos, beards, you think it, it was probably there. We totally enjoyed the people watching probably as much as the concert. Wait--- gwen probably enjoyed the people watching yes MUCH more than the concert! I liked both equally, with luda pulling through in the clutch.
It lived up to my expectations.
Luda was good.
Luda was funny.
Luda rapped [I like to call it rapping over singing] my favorite tune. My chick bad. [shout out to all the bad girls! Woot woot! I probably shouted at everything! He had shout outs for the alcoholics-poor, the smokers-again poor! And then to the bad girls and believe even the hoes. So many proud hoes in Muskegon! Oh and justin bieber fans!] It was definitely a great time. Our final good byes to the celebration was with the kid running around sharing his pot with himself and the other luda fans! OMG! [I would like to say even though you probably think it was really dirty and gross. a:dont judge! b: luda did keep his lyrics clean! Bravo luda! I will cont to be a fan!]

Sunday, June 27, 2010

safety first

It’s just like riding a bike….right!
Well I have been safely riding a bike for over twenty years [only minor scraps and bumps in those years] But yet my family has pestered me enough to finally get a helmet. Here I am thrilled to be off on my first adventure with it on! Hmm I kept saying to myself and out loud: dork. BUT yes I realize I must keep the noggin safe, lots of valuable info floating around in there!

***SIDENOTE post 100! [thanks betsy for convincing me to bloggerrrooo! I still remember driving down the dirt road to grand haven and thinking. Yes yes I want to blog! You are my inspiration!]

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i pick local


beaches: grand haven

schools: harrison park for VBS


I HAVE A NEW CRUSH: john isner! [11 hr marathon! take it all the way my man!]

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

random 30 min party in the basement?

at one a.m. I hear two things.
1. tornado siren
2. foot steps to my room [gwen thank goodness she was home]
neither of us are quite sure what we should do but we turn on the tv and it says there really is a warning and to go in the basement. Sooo gather blankets, phone, pillows, put on my boots and head down stairs. Dad calls [thank goodness cause tv goes out] and tells us to go to the west side of the house. Which is the Christmas closet [no windows] so we hide out down there and chat [bring about distraction bc yes I was scared! Always hated storms since about age…five] as g puts it, ‘that was a nice weekend wrap up’ get a call it is safe to head back upstairs and back to bed we go.

No damage, only thing noticeable is the front porch chairs moved!
Phewww we made it!!
Now onto a full day with about 5 hours of sleep!
Cheers [WIMBELDON started!!]

Friday, June 18, 2010

calling all monkeys

The first annual b.y.o.c. [bring your own chair] to the back deck fire
became a porch monkey night.

zoo update:
my little babies are soooo big!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

pure michigan at its purest

Mackinaw weekend
Four girls & four bikes in northern Michigan [mackinaw city, island and traverse city] upgrades, running in the rain. quality inn! Lots of biking [3hrs about 28 miles] lots of fudge [at least 8 store samples. My favorite vanilla with chocolate chips] lots of laughs [phrase peeing like a race horse] lots of trinket shops [.50 hats!] just a fun weekend with the girls.

Summer baseball
Work party to the whitecaps game. Got rained out, but we were in a suite so it didn’t matter.

Berlin raceway
Random last minute adventure with my dad, mom and uncle! What does a race track have? Well elephant ears, men wearing LA gears. Camo pants. Lots of Nascar paraphernalia. Made friends with issac the eleven year old next to us and his brother and actually his whole family. See race fans are like one big happy family!

Reeds lake path
Repeat: four girls and four bikes.
Two times around! So fun

What does pure Michigan still hold: LOTS but…one thing specifically.
June 28--- LUDA concert. G and I are hitting that up! [she is my only brave friend to trek to Muskegon and attend luda!]
My chick good, my chick bad…..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Some may call me

Special k
Lady gaga [ok so I just wish you all would!]
Hey you

BUT now you can add one more to the list:
Auntie! Yes auntie kari it shall be come the first of the year!!!
the lipinski's are very exited to add a little addition!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the life of a gardening career woman

Prime planting time:
9:30-10:30 p.m.
Activities leading up to such events to put in you prime rapid speed gardening mode:
Early run. Full day of work. Drop co-worker at home. home to eat. Off to parents get bike rack. Off to wedding shower. Home. Time to garden!
What was accomplished:
This year I took out the plastic planting buckets out. I thought it would look better to just plant without the buckets sticking up. My hopes are flourishing flowers soon. My hopes are also that the people before me were not to wise and had the buckets for a reason. Aka wash outs! I guess it is a trial by error experiment.
Results: beautiful flowers [few bug bites]

Zoo update:
Five puff balls.

Random add: Meet my cousin Jackson [first picture with him…yes a tad delayed]

Stay tuned for biking adventure stories. Bound to be some as b, her cousin, and shatto head up to Mackinaw Island and traverse city.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i'll be in pink

tag line for my fundraising page. Check it out.
Thought I would use the bloggerooo for a little promotion.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ketchup or catch up

from the weekend.
Fyi kethup on soy chips very good. Don’t stick your noise up…give it a try, I will stand behind it!

So time to catch up.
Whitecaps game.
First of the season. Who doesn’t like to see cute boys in tight pants.

Megans couple’s baby shower.
Look at the cute belly. Cant wait to meet the little man in about six weeks.

Evo has arrived.
Convo in the lunch room with my dad went as follows:
D: so are you done disowning me/out of the dog house? Aka are you liking the new phone?
K: hmm pause. I guess.
K: guess which app I download
D: what?
K: lady gaga ringtones.
D: ok
K: bad romance is the best. Want to be one?
D: I will be any ringtone that makes you happy
End of story
K is very happy with the SCREAMING loud bad romance every time he calls [which is a lot!!] woot woot for dougie!

Monday, June 7, 2010

umm no, not an animal lover

The exterior of my home has become a zoo/farm/nesting place?
Three birds nest. So far there has been three baby birds produced. Five more eggs in the hanging baskets…and unknown number in the back of the house. Why birdies, why??? [you tend to be messy and I don’t like!]

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

b.o.g.o. [deal]

We [betsy & I] were definitely a BOGO [buy one get one] package deal for the weekend.
Behold wedding weekend came and went in a whirlwind!
Friday: The fun started at the trybula in-laws home. For a pizza and hanging out.
Saturday: up early for a run, then off to CK nails for manis and pedis! Soooo needed. Currently wearing Miami beets. After nails it was lunch and then off to the country club to decorate. Creative juices were flowing throughout. We decorated the tables, dance floor and finished the wedding favors all in about an hour and half. Then off the rehearsal and then dinner.

SUNDAY: the big day arrived. MAY 30-wedding day! Up at 9 for hair. May have taken a little longer then expected. May have lost some car keys and may have a little change in the schedule. needed a wendys refuel! Still took lots of pictures and bride was down the isle at 4! It was all a success no fainting, slipping down the stairs and just a few tears.

Reception time: few more pictures and half of block of cheese for appetizers, followed by introduction by hurricane steve the dj. He totally rocked it out all night! Then it was speech time. Pheww glad that was over. The rest of the night was a blast.

Laughable reception moments:
-eating three different pieces of cake, dinner and two pieces of late night delicious pizza!
-dancing with betsy for 2 ½ hours [aerobics right!] BOGO dance dance! Even by ourselves at times. Yeah we had matching dresses with pockets, we felt we got to make the rules! Had to keep the party hopping, that was a bridesmaid duty correct!
-inventing the pocket dance and making others participate
-nate c long lost friend!? or not. Want to dance. Ahh NO! I am getting something to drink.
-trying to allow the wait staff to party with us, they couldn’t. so we brought the party to them.
-requesting every lady gaga song I love and singing to the top of my lungs. [poker face, bad romance, just dance] the requesting another ten songs and singing to the top of my lungs! [wanna be, singles ladies, apple bottom jeans] thank you HURRICAN!
-rocking it out with lauras mom and austins brother!
-trying to slow dance with an over intoxicated cute boy, praying he wouldn’t drop me, when he was trying the spinning and dipping moves. Thank you for cut in’s[matt]
-laughing laughing and more laughing.
-using the fishing pole to get people on the dance floor. And then every other cheesy move you can think off.

Post reception:
-taking out handful of bobbie pins
-then laying in bed pretty much asleep and betsy states: ‘bennie and the jets for a song request’ laugh laugh. SLEEP!

Very fun weekend. Very exhausting. But well worth it. Happy wedding laura and austin trybula!

[peacing from the hotel with all our vera and STUFF!]