Tuesday, June 29, 2010

line cutters suck

This was one of the signs posted at the LUDA concert last night! the adventure to Muskegon summer celebration went like this: Left the home in the jet blasting LUDA cd all the way. Arrived at heritage landing and found $5 dollar parking with crazies! Walked to the concert. Not interested in drinking alcohol for the evening and got slap with a bright yellow wrist band stating- UNDERAGE! First stop for Kari- mr.jons to go. Gwen-only laughed and took pictures. Had a little time to kill so walked around and observed the opening band, the mummies and the Carnes of Muskegon. Oh where there some outfit. Heels, Shorty shorts, heels with Shorty shorts, boobs everywhere, tattoos, beards, you think it, it was probably there. We totally enjoyed the people watching probably as much as the concert. Wait--- gwen probably enjoyed the people watching yes MUCH more than the concert! I liked both equally, with luda pulling through in the clutch.
It lived up to my expectations.
Luda was good.
Luda was funny.
Luda rapped [I like to call it rapping over singing] my favorite tune. My chick bad. [shout out to all the bad girls! Woot woot! I probably shouted at everything! He had shout outs for the alcoholics-poor, the smokers-again poor! And then to the bad girls and believe even the hoes. So many proud hoes in Muskegon! Oh and justin bieber fans!] It was definitely a great time. Our final good byes to the celebration was with the kid running around sharing his pot with himself and the other luda fans! OMG! [I would like to say even though you probably think it was really dirty and gross. a:dont judge! b: luda did keep his lyrics clean! Bravo luda! I will cont to be a fan!]

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