Tuesday, June 22, 2010

random 30 min party in the basement?

at one a.m. I hear two things.
1. tornado siren
2. foot steps to my room [gwen thank goodness she was home]
neither of us are quite sure what we should do but we turn on the tv and it says there really is a warning and to go in the basement. Sooo gather blankets, phone, pillows, put on my boots and head down stairs. Dad calls [thank goodness cause tv goes out] and tells us to go to the west side of the house. Which is the Christmas closet [no windows] so we hide out down there and chat [bring about distraction bc yes I was scared! Always hated storms since about age…five] as g puts it, ‘that was a nice weekend wrap up’ get a call it is safe to head back upstairs and back to bed we go.

No damage, only thing noticeable is the front porch chairs moved!
Phewww we made it!!
Now onto a full day with about 5 hours of sleep!
Cheers [WIMBELDON started!!]

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