Wednesday, June 2, 2010

b.o.g.o. [deal]

We [betsy & I] were definitely a BOGO [buy one get one] package deal for the weekend.
Behold wedding weekend came and went in a whirlwind!
Friday: The fun started at the trybula in-laws home. For a pizza and hanging out.
Saturday: up early for a run, then off to CK nails for manis and pedis! Soooo needed. Currently wearing Miami beets. After nails it was lunch and then off to the country club to decorate. Creative juices were flowing throughout. We decorated the tables, dance floor and finished the wedding favors all in about an hour and half. Then off the rehearsal and then dinner.

SUNDAY: the big day arrived. MAY 30-wedding day! Up at 9 for hair. May have taken a little longer then expected. May have lost some car keys and may have a little change in the schedule. needed a wendys refuel! Still took lots of pictures and bride was down the isle at 4! It was all a success no fainting, slipping down the stairs and just a few tears.

Reception time: few more pictures and half of block of cheese for appetizers, followed by introduction by hurricane steve the dj. He totally rocked it out all night! Then it was speech time. Pheww glad that was over. The rest of the night was a blast.

Laughable reception moments:
-eating three different pieces of cake, dinner and two pieces of late night delicious pizza!
-dancing with betsy for 2 ½ hours [aerobics right!] BOGO dance dance! Even by ourselves at times. Yeah we had matching dresses with pockets, we felt we got to make the rules! Had to keep the party hopping, that was a bridesmaid duty correct!
-inventing the pocket dance and making others participate
-nate c long lost friend!? or not. Want to dance. Ahh NO! I am getting something to drink.
-trying to allow the wait staff to party with us, they couldn’t. so we brought the party to them.
-requesting every lady gaga song I love and singing to the top of my lungs. [poker face, bad romance, just dance] the requesting another ten songs and singing to the top of my lungs! [wanna be, singles ladies, apple bottom jeans] thank you HURRICAN!
-rocking it out with lauras mom and austins brother!
-trying to slow dance with an over intoxicated cute boy, praying he wouldn’t drop me, when he was trying the spinning and dipping moves. Thank you for cut in’s[matt]
-laughing laughing and more laughing.
-using the fishing pole to get people on the dance floor. And then every other cheesy move you can think off.

Post reception:
-taking out handful of bobbie pins
-then laying in bed pretty much asleep and betsy states: ‘bennie and the jets for a song request’ laugh laugh. SLEEP!

Very fun weekend. Very exhausting. But well worth it. Happy wedding laura and austin trybula!

[peacing from the hotel with all our vera and STUFF!]

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