Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thou shall over pack

One more roadtripping with b!
Tomorrow packing up the large vera duffel, the super tote, and possibly weekender
We shall be invading south bend comfort suites in less than 24 hrs!
Slow dance lesson. Check.
Speech writing. Check.
Bridesmaid dress/rehearsal dress. Check
blue shoes. Check
The list could go on!

happy wedding weekend to miss laura mccully soon to be mrs. laura trybula

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it's hotter than blazzings

literally, its like 85 outside!
three random:
1. had to give my iphone back…back to the beeping!! [my lineup score will suffer] I pouted all Friday because of it!
2. have you ever tried to wash your face with an automatic faucet. Today I realized that is a little difficult. Wiggle hands, get a little water..wash. repeat times ten!
3. today cleaned the freezer out with gwen. I think I found some burgers from my 24 birthday. May I remind you I am 25. a tad over due! Bah!!

Time to get on with dancing with the stars finale!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

rainy friday night

In comfy clothes hanging with b
What did we do?? [intentions to walk, but rain]
First stop: Jimmy johns
Second stop: New knapp D&W. great deals yo!! Minimal samples

[have you had your fiber today?]

[fern anyone, dry ones in the back]
Third stop: whippy dip! Yummmm

Fourth Stop: home, walked the loop
Fifth stop: couch. Book mackinaw running weekend! And movie it’s complicated!

Random night equaled random fun!

Birdie update: they have hatched! They are gross [according to betsy face they are] they are bigger than the picture shows…will report back soon!

Monday, May 17, 2010

sitting on the chair

in the sunshine. with my madra. reading and napping, before a walk. pretty much sums up my perfect Sunday!

do you see a small can in this picture. look long and hard. it a bee spray! quite the site: which is better a. dad on a ladder reaching out to spray the bees or b. watching mom fumble with the spray can trying to get the lid off, while trying to watch the bee, then not getting to close, and then attacking the bee. hmm both were pretty humorous to me!

I would like to report! the baby birds have hatched!!! shall try to snap a picture this week!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

favor fun & random facts:

Crafting it up with b.
Items needed:
Hot glue gun
Pictures, ribbon and bedazzling jewels

Beautiful wedding favors
Long conversations [trying to solve the world problems]
Many laughs [not surprised]
Spider wed boogers [from the hot glue gun!]

Once you graduate you never stop learning. Case and point last nights’ conversation outside on a porch, I learned:
opossums are nocturnal [and are spelled with an o]
wallaby is like a kangaroo, finally came to me what that animal was
hawthorn is not a one way street
there are three peppinos in allendale, i hit them all, with number three being correct destination!

off to bike to blockbuster!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

here here: may I pose one question

Why do I have to wear three shirts [two being sweaters] to work each day, yet the gentleman in my office wear golf shirts and are fine??
Are we wired that differently??
{ok that is two questions, yes] but I just do not understand!

12 minutes to my favorite day of the week!

Monday, May 10, 2010

hey hey hey let the adventures begin!

1st adventure took place Saturday, riverbank run!! Woot woot made my goal!! One of my favorite moments seeing em on the side road running with her coffee in her hand, cheering!! Priceless! or drinking the power aid in the omelet shop parking lot!! yumm to the omelet shop!! fun day with family and friends!

2nd adventure took place this evening. First bike outing with em! Got the bikes out of the garage and thought maybe the tires were a little soft, but weren’t total sure! Yelp, jeff informed use that they had about 20% of the air needed, oppsss! So he pumped them up and we were off on our way to reeds lake. New route down diamond, avoided the construction! Still came upon some steep hills! Let me tell you, I may be able to run 15 miles but biking up hills is tough! So anyway we continue on our adventure and reach the papa johns in east town and em all sudden goes, me pedals wont move!! I try to fiddle with the chain and nothing. Sooo what do we do--- have to walk with the bikes. Back track our path well traveled! Neither of us have our cell phones, so we decide to go to matts house. Pit stop at the park to do a little to do a little swinging! Yelp matt wasn’t home, so next thought lan’s house! Yelp lan wasn’t home but his roommate was and he totally knew how to fix the bike!! So we were back at it again!!! our little adventure turned out to be about two hours! But we made it back in time for dancing and nails! Bring on the summer and more adventures. note to self for future--- cell phone in case of emergency!

Friday, May 7, 2010

to bed i go.

tomorrow tomorrow.
riverbank 2010.

going to pretend it is just another saturday long run:

outfit picked out.
[pants and layers]
weather prediction. rainy.cold.windy. hmmm

breakfast determined.

music updated

stop watch found

i hear riverbank time!

see you at the finish, bring on the omelet shop!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

are you craving a taco?

Hola mi amigas!
Happy cinco de mayo!

Today I celebrated by having a taco [well a tortilla shell with lettuce and salsa on it] Today I celebrated by texting betsy in Spanish and being able to read her Spanish filled response. Today I celebrated by googling grand rapids Mexican restaurant deals for casey at work.
The list above is enough celebrating!

Side note: the Arlington home has a bird nest on the front porch. We [gwen and i] pulled a bar stool to peak inside of it, there are three blue eggs. I do hope we get little birdies soon!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey is this a bachelorette party?

[what gave you that idea the cheesy veil or the bright pink sash with bachelorette written on it!] gotta love people and their conversation starters!

There is something about roadtripping with betsy. Never feel nervous about her driving skills, it is inevitable that we will stop at least three times, [at least one at mcdizzles] and guaranteed to get slap happy!

This road trip was bachelorette weekend:
Friday night was girly night. Of course we had to watch the new episode of yes to the dress and check out lauras bra [yup felt like chicken breasts! Betsy was enamored by the box!]

Saturday: one last long run [bring on RBR and indy mini], errands, the start of wedding favors, then the festivities began.
1st stop. Winery for a tour and tasting. 2nd stop. Barcelona tapas for dinner, gifts, favors, and arnies cake! 3rd stop. howl at the moon/the streets of downtown indy. The list of lauras tasks was to begin…so funny!! Please review the censored version of the pictures [jk we are good girls!]

Sunday: the trek home. Only one explosion at the mcdizzles worker per betsy at kokamo, gesh who would have thought that it would take 10 minutes to make an egg mcmuffin! We sure didn’t and b let them know! You go girl. Still three stops and we home by 3! Whirl wind weekend. Not lots of sleep but good time!

Next time I see laur, it will be wedding weekend! What stands between me and that event??
1.finish wedding favors
2.write speech
3.learn how to slow dance [volunteers? Betsy? Why thank you and since I am calling you out on my blog, you best not disappoint my readers of a good story!]

PS: i heart sneaking up behind large men with ochocinco wear!