Sunday, September 29, 2013

this is art

all over again
art prize friday and saturday!

fun night night with friends and the in laws
there was a lot of neat stuff in Devos
and saw a few of the now top 10

 Saturday we had date night celebrating my birthday [delayed] 
we also walked to different spots of art prize
this piece was in the UICA, it is all cut out paper

Glad we were able to see and enjoy lots of art prize
one more week to go!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

update on the

7314 demo

There is a porch
windows are in..well most
roof is on
taking shape

really seeing the progress over there
getting a little more excited!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

is that art?

Art Prize 2013 has begun
Spent Tuesday night exploring with the mama
fun night
cool stuff
lots and lots of people!

one of our fav!

my cousins painting this year: her grandchildren 

we have a cool city!
bring on more art prize!

Monday, September 23, 2013

mackinaw or mackinac

This past weekend we spent some time on Mackinac Island 
[again like doughnut or donuts two ways to spell and both the same!?!? or am I just crazy]

It was the Repulican Leadership conference
and was really a fun weekend and interesting to hear all the speakers
totally amazes how well people can speak with limited or no notes

here comes the picture reel
A little cloudy on the way over to the island

The Grand Hotel

A little front porch party
cold party that is

Dinner on day one

Five courses and ten pieces of silverware
work from the outside in ;-)

The dining room

 Day two started with a walk

 a little exploring of the city

Must get some fudge!

and the second dinner

The waiters delivering the meal

Nice quick trip away!
Pure Michigan!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

three hundred sixty five days

being married to J
it has been a year filled with lots of blessing, changes, moving, growing and the list can go on
very thankful for him and excited to see what the next year brings

It has been fun looking through our pics and watching our wedding movie

We 'celebrated' in a low key fashion and it was great!  even if home depot was in the mix ;-)

One year picture 

and visited with the parentals

Did a little art prize and visited the in laws
smooch couch seemed fitting

visiting what has consumed a lot of first year of marriage, in a good way 
we have a front porch too!

and got to open up our cake!
it made it, it was good.
[good job on preserving mom!]

and exchanged traditional first anniversary gifts
Paper = Cards
and a new sign for our house

Wonderful day!
say it again
truly blessed

Thursday, September 19, 2013

could not resist

this picture share

Made auntie smile

This is Ben facetiming with Dash and showing each other their trains
[yes Ben decided to lay down on the pavement outside Arnies to properly chat!]

so fun to see these two little friends interact! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ohh oh happy day

truly feeling blessed and spoiled today!
had a fabulous birthday filled with lots of emails, texts, fb and loving
thank you thank you thank you to all who made it special

started the day with cake for breakfast from my aunt pat

got an extra walk in at lunch
flowers delivered to work from the hubby

after work celebrated at Arnies with my family

then back to my third round of cake at my parents for gifts

again truly feeling very special and blessed today

this will be my last birthday aka staying at 29 forever or 30-1 like my hubby likes to remind me

Monday, September 16, 2013 smell good

and taste good.
mr. apple cider bread

must embrace the colder temperature and capitalize on the FIRST gallon of apple cider of the season tastes so good warmed up
and was the perfect nudger to make the bread!

happy apple cider yummness :) 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

ahoy she had a boy

This weekend we got to celebrate Amy and her super sweet boy Wes at a beautiful baby shower
filled with delicious food, fun games and lots of chatting
so fun to be able to catch up with this girls.
and their mamas

congrats again to amy and nathan and their sweet baby!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

poop in a pot

was the mature way that I use to describe the food that my mama would make me eat back in HS because it was sooo much cooler to go out to red hot after softball games, with THE B VERWYS and family, rather than having to eat something my mother had created, slaved over and had waiting for me at home
[remind you what she made was actually delicious and would give anything to come home daily to her pre-made mama meal now a days]

anyway I got a glimpse of that goodness this week
I went over to the parentals on Tuesday and THOROUGHLY enjoyed my mamas famous chili rice!
so so so good
no poop in a pot on the 4421 on Tuesday
feast your eyes on the goodness

speaking of the parentals
glad they put up with me! :)
we enjoyed a beautiful day on the river with them on Sunday
may have been their first ride and may have been the last of the season
glad they could join us..looking forward to lots more next year!
and while I am rambling
very thankful for ALL the help they have provided to J and I the last few months
they sure make great house project mangers! ;-)

summer please roll on just a little bit longer, I sure do love you! haha