Wednesday, September 11, 2013

poop in a pot

was the mature way that I use to describe the food that my mama would make me eat back in HS because it was sooo much cooler to go out to red hot after softball games, with THE B VERWYS and family, rather than having to eat something my mother had created, slaved over and had waiting for me at home
[remind you what she made was actually delicious and would give anything to come home daily to her pre-made mama meal now a days]

anyway I got a glimpse of that goodness this week
I went over to the parentals on Tuesday and THOROUGHLY enjoyed my mamas famous chili rice!
so so so good
no poop in a pot on the 4421 on Tuesday
feast your eyes on the goodness

speaking of the parentals
glad they put up with me! :)
we enjoyed a beautiful day on the river with them on Sunday
may have been their first ride and may have been the last of the season
glad they could join us..looking forward to lots more next year!
and while I am rambling
very thankful for ALL the help they have provided to J and I the last few months
they sure make great house project mangers! ;-)

summer please roll on just a little bit longer, I sure do love you! haha

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  1. LOVE a personalized shout out on the blog!! haha I knew what we would be covering the moment I saw it! :)