Monday, September 23, 2013

mackinaw or mackinac

This past weekend we spent some time on Mackinac Island 
[again like doughnut or donuts two ways to spell and both the same!?!? or am I just crazy]

It was the Repulican Leadership conference
and was really a fun weekend and interesting to hear all the speakers
totally amazes how well people can speak with limited or no notes

here comes the picture reel
A little cloudy on the way over to the island

The Grand Hotel

A little front porch party
cold party that is

Dinner on day one

Five courses and ten pieces of silverware
work from the outside in ;-)

The dining room

 Day two started with a walk

 a little exploring of the city

Must get some fudge!

and the second dinner

The waiters delivering the meal

Nice quick trip away!
Pure Michigan!

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  1. Ohhh the Grand!! It's SO grand and wonderful! :) I LOVE the green dress of dinner 2 especially!