Saturday, September 23, 2017

a day of spoiling

So thankful for another year of health 
and another year celebrating a birthday
33! or 30+3
how ever you want to look at it :) 

it was a fantastic day filled with lots of text, FB post, and lots of special attention
made me feel very special!

started the day with this little love
and his little voice wishing me happy birthday mommy 

then these two set up a lunch play date!
it was delicious and oh so fun!

post nap
Robinettes with Popa and Nana
everyone should have a donut on their birthday right!


then off to Roses with Papa and Arie for a birthday dinner

and the extra special attention for papa and friends!

a great way to turn 33!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

apple picking

a beautiful day for apple picking
at Schwellers
visiting omas work friend
and donut eating and running around

off to pick some apples

 finding some good ones

helping papa


a few fall pics to end our time 

such a great way to spend the afternoon!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

fruits and vegs

Week 26 
Baby is the size of a red cabbage

week 28
baby is the size of large eggplant 

still feeling pretty good
and still feeling kicks 
and still have an excited big brother

working on preparing
and making some progress with stitching rooms and bedding ect
a ways to go still :) 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

oh hey

it is Saturday!

Good morning!
who is so excited :) 

when papa was away for the morning
Arie and mama made a trip for a treat
he was happy we did!

and so was the mama 

after nap
big boat ride time!
some of the trees are changing color but still feels like summer outside 

after an afternoon on the river 
the boys were taking us home 

good warm sunny saturday!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

me have to...

is a common phrase Arie uses
it sounds demanding but it is more just the way he talks :) 

so Friday...
Me have to ride the bus
Me have to ride the choo choo
and me have to see the puppy
were the three most common

Starting with me have to ride the bus
[enjoying Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park with Molly and Betsy!]

saying cheese so we can get this picture over with and get the bus going 

pointing to animals with molly

group selfie, by selfie queen B

 checking out the giraffe and camel
Arie didn't want them to close :)

then me have to ride choo choo

one VERY happy boy

then off to see some more animals
and having a little snack

real and fake
such a beautiful morning at the zoo
so glad we could go with Betsy and molly!

then at night
me have to see Puppy
aka the Grandville Bulldog
taking in a little Friday night football 

loving these summer temps to still be able to enjoy the outdoors :) 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

trucks with animals

added in

starting off with more trucks at Nana and Popas
time for the dump truck to bring the dirt and the other trucks to spread it around

such a great way to spend an afternoon with popa

then at night on our way home we saw the fire station was having an open house
hooray for trucks and donuts :) 

and then a morning at the zoo with mama 
and his monster truck :) 

Love this little buddy and our zoo date
mom got a little sentimental knowing that buddy and mama time may be a rare thing in the near future 
but so excited for what is to come :) 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

had to

document it 
Most kids are off to their first day of school pics
but Arie will be home another year :) hooray!  
mamas heart is not ready for school yet!

but we did have our first day of real Sunday school
so we documented it after

hello I am TWO 
and silly and excited :) 

and one with the mama please

he went in screaming 
but left happy as can be
and told he did great!

hopefully this week will be a better drop off
Thankful for our church and an exciting year to come in Sunday school