Tuesday, July 25, 2017

the four Bs

Concert on the river kind of night

with cousins

picking with Oma and Dash

Andrew Bird Concert at the FMG

lots of fun Bs the last couple of days!

Monday, July 24, 2017

2.5 style

half birthday
happy half arie joseph :) 

you are always a silly 

your stats
38 in tall
and 31.6 lbs

you tell me No thank you doctor mommy
but we went anyway ;-)
and you are a healthy boy praise the Lord

what do you like at 2.5?
your big boat and sea boat
and traverse city
being silly
trying to get your way 
you love kids and your grandparents
your papa and your mama
saying silly things 
like no helmet naughty naughty and repeat
your words are coming more and more each day
and potty training is still in process, which we aren't rushing
you still nap [rare occasions you pass]
and like to be tucked in tight at night
the list could go on... :) 

so thankful to have you as my little man

Sunday, July 23, 2017

mama friends

and baby friends
headed to TC for a couple of days
we had so much fun!
beautiful weather 
great time with nana and grandpa
and nice to busy and be able to relax

we have arrived
out to the beach
 trying out the bay
finally warm enough to swim

Friday morning breakfast

two little buddies
just sitting around
having a snack before we are off

 downtown to cherry republic

and splash pad

back for lunch and naps

 then off to the beach
jumping off the dock

bubble fun


back to the beach to get the last of the wiggles out

and Saturday morning
a little time at the beach before it was time to head back home

we had such a good time away with Molld or molly :) 
and her mama and nana and grandpa
so thankful for that time away!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

blogger debut

Bean Two
Due to arrive December 5

the VERY excited big brother 

and hitting the 20 week mark
off to the Ultrasound
wearing team pink
feeling MAJOR team blue

SUPER stubborn baby
took a long time during the ultrasound 
but praising the Lord for a healthy little baby

Gender Reveal party to our families that night 
quickly made the cake

dinner first 

Dash made the cutest guessing game
where people had to pick boy or girl 

 time to cut the cake

the M&Ms didnt really fall out as planned
but there are BLUE ones in there :)

and now he can call his baby
brother :) 

such a happy day celebrating with family 
and lots of friends were kind enough to text
Praise the Lord for this healthy baby boy!