Saturday, December 30, 2017

two Merry filled

Merry Christmas Eve
Merry Christmas Day

A fun time celebrating both
celebrating Rowan's first Christmas
and the joy of Arie opening presents

here comes a LOAD of pictures
this year was well documented :) 

Christmas Eve 
starting off meeting cousins

present time 

whole family

Christmas eve night with GG and family 

bed time snuggles

 hanging the stockings and putting out the cookies


Christmas morning
opening stockings

and his gift from santa

santa brought the water bottle he wanted
(just like mamas haha)

gifts while rowan was still sleeping 

then he was up for his gift :) 

happy first Christmas little one

off to nana and popas for the day

gift time again

the whole family 
heart eyes!

first time meeting grandma great

what a full and blessed two days!
Merry Christmas to ALL

Thursday, December 28, 2017

brotherly love

can I hold baby
can brother sit with me

he likes to have his brother around
most of the time :) 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


old already!
that sure went by fast!

This little one is such a joy to our family
he is a sweet baby and a little love!
he likes to be held, danced, and sometimes enjoys tummy time :) 
he is LOVED by his big brother, sometimes too much
and getting bigger and bigger

can't believe this love it already a month old

here come the watch me grow Rowan pictures

Happy one month Rowan Jay

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas celebration


Monday getting ready for a party at papas work
rowan is thrilled :) 

every work party needs a petting zoo :) 

then Friday annual Christmas cookies with nana
a little less work and little more snuggling this year 

pretzels too 

Arie LOVED making and eating even more

the cookie gang
plus popa and papa

can't believe how quickly this Christmas season has gone