Sunday, November 19, 2017

a couple new things

for this little one this weekend

TIP...he didn't even know what it meant
it was so cute a little girl gave him a dollar bc he was holding the door open at the restaurant
he was entertained and got paid,  win win :) 

deer hunting with papa
oh the joy the little one had
mama mama mama 
he was so excited when he got home to talk all about
papa shoot deer
deer sleeping 
deer dead :-/

surprising popa that he was there
boy time
so thankful he could spend time with papa at the cabin
warms the mamas heart

first HO HO visit
he was pretty excited 
until we got near him
then no thank you
tightly holding on to the mama

 and the reindeer showed up

what a good weekend! 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

fun filled day

starting off with Monster trucks 

with this silly 

finally wanting to ride sandy :) 

sun is out
so scooter ride time 

then off to the Meijer Gardens with Nana and Popa 

then it was off to the Dutch dinner

a very fun night
great speaker
and good friends 

a busy but fun day!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

oh what

a happy day!
Welcome to the world Eloise!
So thrilled to be able to meet Allysons newest little peanut
such a doll

so fun to add onto the tennis gang :)

oh happy day!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

story time

with my friends

So glad Molly and her mama invited us to come with them
We had not been in a while and Arie enjoyed the music shaker time/jumping around
the craft
and being with his friends
good way to start the day!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

getting BIGGER

Baby Brother is growing and growing

Week 34
Size of a Cantaloupe 

Week 36
Size of Romaine Lettuce

Can not believe how close we are getting
each week seems to be flying by

Still waiting on switching rooms...which is causing me to 'stress' 

but other than that and few small things we are 'ready' :)

1.  Still feeling pretty good/huge.  occasionally out of breath and feeling tired, but growing a baby is work right :) 
2.  Arie still asks when baby will be here.  Today I said getting closer, pretty soon buddy.  
and he said so in 9 minutes.  I wish it only took that long :) 
3.  Feeling the nesting cleaning mode in high gear

less than 4 weeks [hopefully] to go! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

fall time

Leaves leaves leaves

enjoying watching the neighbors get their tree cut down 

park day

running through Popa and Nanas neighborhood

then it was time for some biking

the trees are just so pretty

enjoying the changing colors at our house too

even though it is getting chilly out
we can still enjoy the beautiful colors changing outside 

Monday, November 6, 2017

pretty cool family

PJ themed party!
what is better than wearing comfy clothes
eating breakfast and celebrating with family

not much!
and everyone enjoyed dressing the part!

happy 8th birthday lily! 

The PJ Paters :) 

such a fun night with cousins! 
new goal have all Lipinski parties be PJ themed :) 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

makes me smile

or cry a little
not really but signed this little one up for school next year!
so crazy to think he will go to school two days of week
my baby :) 

and in the same day
trying out his big boy bed
BUT he was sooo excited he couldn't settle down
so we shall try another day 

loving playing ball in the basement 

heart eyes
walking around in the Halloween parade at Bible study

looking through mamas toys from her childhood!! 

soooo excited bc we got to .....
seriously he gets mad when we are all done :) 

cool rider 

asking to watch a little go go before nap

hooray for a GO GO win!! 

just a little of what we have been up to! 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

wicked good!

we do not do anniversary gifts 
just never have, just usually celebrate dinner
this year Jason totally surprised me!
had arranged babysitter, dinner out and WICKED!
Happy Five Years!

and last night was the celebration night 
a quiet dinner
and an amazing show
it was so good
the singing was amazing

so thankful for a night out! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween

From our little fireman
who didn't want to wear his costume

but did and had a blast trick r treating
and eating too much candy :) 

we started celebrating Sunday with a Halloween dinner with cousins Sunday night

all the cousins with Nana and Popa 

Such a fun night!

then actual Halloween day
one more picture by our pumkins
(never charved because he didn't want to cut them..and mama ran out of time haha)

Halloween dinner of PIZZA

finally got the costume on
nothing like bribing a two year old
insert eye roll haha

but then was good to go
Trick r treating at Nanas and Popas
and their neighborhood 

such a fun night out! 
Arie loved knocking on the door and picking out his candy
and eating some too :)