Thursday, February 23, 2017

on to Auckland

New Zealand
The last leg of the trip

We took an over night flight to Auckland
arrived at 6 am
checked in our hotel
took a nap
and then headed out to explore 

so Day one
 a walk around our hotel and out by the harbor

Meet up with Js co worker and decided to take a ferry to an island 
there are different excursions from the city
and we picked Rangitoto Island
hiking up a mountain to see the city
So gelato for lunch :) 

off on the ferry

welcome to the island

headed up

made it to the top!

then walked over to some Lava Caves

one more view on the way down

then a low key night after a long day
tried out a 'chain' chicken restaurant called Nandos.  it was yummy

 Day Two
Off to another island
Waiheke Island
This was a very large island
so we opted for the hop on hop off bus
there was a town
beaches. restaurants
very pretty place

we are off

First stop off the bus was a beach

then a winery with views

another beautiful beach

 and a little store by the beach that sold 
HONEYCOMB ice cream bars
soooooo good!!!

Cahty wanted to go to another winery 
when she asked where it was it was down a path and right and then about a 20 minute walk
they forgot to mention it was through the jungle. HA!
a slippery wet jungle

we made it though
J and I took in the view while they did a wine tasting
it was an adventure for sure! 

then it was back to the bus and then back to the ferry to head back into the city

We headed straight to dinner
for some Fish and Chips :) 

and a little ice cream

Day Three
woke up early to head out before the airport
St. Patrick's 

The sky tower

and then we went to see Mt Eden
it had WONDERFUL views all around

back to our hotel and McDonalds
for a Honeycomb Mcflurry :) 
and then it was off to the airport noon Monday
and well about 26 hours later
we landed into GR at 7:45pm Monday

and this little man was yelling mama and papa
and I could hear it down the hall as we were coming to the lobby of the airport
mamas heart was so happy to see him and his HUGE hug!
so good to be home to this buddy!
a quick bath and quick snuggle then it was off to bed

we had such a good time away
such beautiful countries and so fun to explore
also so good to be home!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

on to Perth

Home for the next three days
and a 5 minute walk from an outlet mall [a store called Cotton On was a HUGE hit in my books..thankful for good sales]
 and sunshine
HOORAY!! :) 

Day one
A long and warm walk through Kings Park 
and the Western Australia Botanical Gardens 

Overlooking Perth

The gate to the Gardens

 After the walk we took the train to Cottesloe Beach 

putting my toes in the Indian Ocean

Day Two
Ventured out on the train again
to take a Ferry out to Rottnest Island
I would compare it to Mackinaw Island but on a larger scale
There are no cars and you bike around the island
there are tons of beaches and walking paths and a little town

it was SUPER windy and warm!
but we didn't let that stop us
we still did the 22 KM bike around the island before our bikes were due back 

This island is also know for animals called Quokkas
they are out in the wild

and VERY use to people
aka I was WAY more afraid of him that he was of me EKKKK
he then proceeded to follow us to our bikes
Not a fan ;-) haha  if you can't tell by the picture

The views around the island were amazing!!

I had to go for a little swim
the water wasn't super warm

after the island we meet up with J and his coworker for dinner 
and rode the train back to our hotel

a long fun day
ended with a beautiful sunset

Day Three
Started off with a hike around Bells Rapids

There had been a ton a rain right before we got to Perth, which resulted in flooding

This was a VERY warm hike

Not many signs on this trail...which got us a little lost...we ended up just back tracking
not sure if it was because of the flooding and the path was closed or whatever
still a great hike
even though lack of signage there was one for this rock
Buttock Boulder
well it did look like it at least :) 

after the hike it was back to the hotel and off to the airport
next up an overnight flight to Auckland, New Zealand
the last leg of our trip!