Tuesday, August 22, 2017

full of family

type of weekend!
All of us together in Traverse City always makes for a great time
we had such a fun time 
and Arie LOVED being with his cousins 

Friday night Scooters and hanging out in the parking lot kind of night

and a little tennis before bed 

Good morning snuggles on the deck


then annual family pictures 

Then playing on the beach for the rest of the day

celebrating papas birthday 

then fireworks
which arie HATED!!!!

and scootering around again

then it was time for us to head home :(

Sunday Funday
more cousins
Jr and his family came over for a boat ride
we had such a fun afternoon

 the brave/crazy boys

then off to dinner
arie was soooo excited to have the puppy ride in his car

another fun filled packed out summer weekend! 

Monday, August 21, 2017

all together

so thankful to be able to have a girls night
with these very special ladies
and so thankful to have everyone back in the MITTEN!!! 
and we all were able to make it

such a fun night
great food 
great friends

and sleeping baby when I got home :) 
win win win!

Sunday, August 20, 2017


by Aunt Kirsty
and this time no fuss
with the help of cousins and youtube :) 

here are the before pics:

A LOT shorter and makes him look so much older [at least to me]

that night was a jeep ride to the

Meijer Garden concert

he was done...so vroom movies for a bit

then we were all done
so off we went
thanks Aunt Kristy for the Haircut
see you next time :) 

Friday, August 18, 2017

growing fruit/veg continued

now up to...
week 22
Size of Spaghetti Squash

and week 24 had three fails
1. was late taking the pic
2. the sign is WRONG haha Pregnancy brain hello not 26 but 24 
3. missing my favorite helper he was already sleeping

BUT here
is week 24
size of eggplant

some fun facts
mr. bean 2 is very wiggly and I love it
he is also riding very low
his brother is still in love
the other day he found his santa [ho ho] little people 
and came to me and said mommy Ho ho is here, baby come out!?  
well not yet bud...he needs to keep on growing
and now have added not until Ho Ho and snow on the ground :) 

so keeping growing little one, keep growing :) 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

feeling like a 20 something

but definitely not looking like one ;-) 

This past weekend J and I head down to Cincy for the ATP and WTA tennis event!
Reliving a lot of fun memories and was thrilled to show J a professional tennis tourney and all the fun the goes along with it all!
It was a quick trip
but we packed it in
Left Sunday at 1 and got to the tennis by 6ish
picked up tickets
parked and got to our seats 10 minutes before John Isner stepped on court!

 walking in
a lot of renovations since the last time I was there

go Isner GO 

and doubles to end the night 

the start of our 11 hour day of tennis 

watching some practice before the matches start

then into the stadium for a match 

more practice 

watching for players to come in

then a doubles match
post match
Picture with Ryan Harrison

Steve Johnson

watching for Isner to play doubles and he walked right past us
but then the court was to full and we never to got to watch

so more practice

watching on one of the smaller courts

then it was time for the night session 

stayed until 9:30, then drove an hour closer to home

the next morning drove the last 4.5 hours
it was quick
it was fun
happy happy days for me!