Tuesday, December 12, 2017

weekend fun

Saturday fun
wearing his new outfit from Auntie Allyson
mama is all heart eyes

he spent the whole morning outside with papa
that calls for some hot chocolate

rowan trying out the pack for the first time
he LOVED it 
calmed him right down

so we baked
made Christmas cookies
Arie loved helping to clean up
aka lick off the frosting :) 

and enjoyed a cookie too 

First day at church for all four of us
we made it!

afternoon naps

and then off to Amy Grant and Michael W Smith
Rowans first concert
and it was a good one
totally put us in the Christmas Spirit 

a nice weekend overall!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

the last bump

made it to 38 weeks

size of length of a leek

and the last bump shot because you came the next day little one!
which good thing because you look large and in charge!

so here we are DUE DATE
December 5
you are 12 days old sweet Rowan

and still an excited brother to take a picture with you!

Friday, December 8, 2017

two weeks

oh how time flies
and oh how it seems like a long time

Picture by the tree

Two Weeks 

can't believe it little man
we are "settling" in as s family of four!
we love you!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

just not his year

with HO HO 

parent torture it seemed like
sorry buddy, you were excited all day and then it all bombed!

Rowan didn't mind Santa :) 

but Big Brother did NOT want to sit by him

but after he got off Santas lap and got the candy cane he was happy as could be!
there is always next year
(and then Rowan will have stranger danger! HAHA)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

a few....


trip to Nanas house 
and riding with my boys 

tree with these two 

first night in his big boy bed
and let the disaster begin... haha

double nap!
mom win

scooter stroller 

tummy time and encourager 

Friday night outing out with friends 

all good until Rowan screamed and we had to leave early :) 

successful trip to target

 bath together
Arie loves having his brother with him

we are enjoying all these firsts!
many more to come :) 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

home visitors

home visitors
and ONE week old!

girl cousins visit!
so fun to see everyone 

Opa and Oma meeting Rowan

Aunt Betsy and Molly!

popa popped over
thankful when he does!

Al and Eloise!
Future wife?  :) 

Then Rowan turned one week!
Seemed fitting I was up at 2:17am feeding
proper way to celebrate
can not complain 
this little one..so far has been a honey!
so thankful to have him part of our family a week in  

sweet love 

Seemed fitting to go back to the Meijer Gardens
last week in my belly
this week in the stroller :) 

 This one is still OVER the moon with his brother!
big helper and lots of loving 

so thankful for how it is going a week in
Praise the Lord
Lots of answered prayers 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

home sweet home

and just in time to put up our tree

First morning home 

we were off to the doctors 
for his first check up

then off to nanas house to pick up Arie
headed home the four of us
home sweet home

lots of wanting to hold his brother 

 first outing to Costco to get our tree

and decorate it 

settling in
and enjoying the Christmas season