Wednesday, November 30, 2016

another round

of new to you

first up
bowling with friends

he had a lot of fun
but then decided it was more fun to drive the race car arcade game
that works :) 

the dentist
we practiced all day
ahhh ahhh open your mouth ahhh
and was good until it was his turn with the dentist
then tears
so we watched papa

sat in the chair
and then decided he didn't like it again

so sat with mama
didn't like 
was held by mama
didn't like
so stood by papa
and he opened up 
and let her clean all his teeth

we survived
and got a new tooth brush and duck from the toy treasure chest! :) 
happy buddy

Monday, November 28, 2016

over the river

and through the woods
to the Christmas tree farm we go

trying out a candy cane for the a car treat

in search of the best tree

found it!

 getting ready to cut it down

 taking it to the car

successful trip!

helping papa get in place when we got home
he was fully embracing the fun!

the next day it was time to decorate

 he loved climbing the ladder and trying to hang the ornaments 

kept saying..more more :) 

all done
and in Love

enjoying it at night before bed

and still excited about it the next morning

oh Christmas tree
you have made us have one happy boy at our house! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

black friday

tradition holds strong
headed out with the mama at 6:15 
not looking for too much, but more just to have fun and get a good deal :) 

we shopped until we dropped at about 3
ate a half a bag of almond M&M for breakfast
got some deals
and had lots of fun!
not bad and a good start on Christmas shopping 

taking pics by santa in hopes Arie will do the same
one can hope 

someone was excited to have mama home
sweet buddy 

and checking out the choo choo at breton village
he LOVED it!

a great Black Friday in the books!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

celebrating with stuffing

and other yummy food and family :) 

Lots to be Thankful for this year!
and a great day of celebrating it all!

watching a little of the parade
boom boom boom went the drums

all dressed and ready to go

visiting with GG

pictures in the greenhouse!

 holding a puppy
oh my word
he was in LOVE
wanted to keep having the puppy on his lap

then off to grandma and grandpas

my pumpkin cake
'what is this cake'
a donut a tire....
should have used the artificial colors and made it orange :) 

already for dessert
at least it tasted good

so thankful for these guys!!!

and these!

a very fun and filling day!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

slide and jump

a very cold day at the park
but we had the park to ourselves and he loved it

then jumping
lots of jumping and running at Skyzone
at playdate with some Bible study friends
Arie had so much fun and then took a rock star nap :) 

fun times!