Thursday, November 17, 2016

boys away

the girls play
the papa and grandpa went off hunting 
so that meant girl time + Arie with grammy

and extra just mama time

here we go
starting it off at the Gardens
one of our favorites

being a silly before we headed to music time at the library

warming up to it all

train time with mama

then off to the mall and dinner with grammy
Santa is there 
and Arie attempted to walk as far away from him as he could
we have a couple weeks to convenience him he is nice and brings toys
kyp on that one :) 

grammy found him a hat

fourth ride down the escalator 

long bath time with the boat

after Bible study playing with the mama

costco run
and he got to sit on the vroom this time
thanks to the super nice costco employee that noticed his pure joy

a little bike before grammy came for dinner and swimming

we like to have fun when the boys are away! :) 

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