Tuesday, November 22, 2016

go go go

clap clap clap!
Go Green. Go White. Fight fight fight.

Sunday we headed to a MSU basketball game
Arie sat through the whole game without a fuss
he was into the band. the game. the people and avoiding sparty [until the end, then he gave a wave and wanted him to come over hehe]

we also went with grandma great who LOVED it all too!
such a fun night and they ended up winning by one point

getting excited about the game 
sparty hat and cup all ready

dressed and ready to go

having some dinner before the game

almost ready to go

Arie taking it all in

half time. snack time

still warming up to it all

now really loving it
clapping. dancing and cheering

but always keeping his eye on Sparty
he came over and was NOT a fan. tears and all
[just like when he sees santa] 
but eventually warmed up to him

hooray they won!

high five for the players

papa and Arie made it on TV!

next morning
staying up late
having a late night party
makes for a tired boy 
[most of the day haha]

a few meltdowns included
[I didn't put the syrup in the right spot...how dare me]

but we had so much fun 
it was totally worth it!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! aside from the Syrup photo...classic though.