Saturday, November 19, 2016

lazy day

I feel like we do a lot of rushing
to fit all the fun in ;-)
but some mores we just relax in stay in our PJs until 11

and thursday was one of those days!

shadow puppets 

truck town with books

which turned into bringing toys from the living room to his bedroom one by one
then the whole basket
each time he would have to start closing the door
tell me stop
shut it
and then go and get a toy
yes he really is the littlest general- quote grandma [out of love] :)

then puzzle book

then two new puzzles

practicing stinging noddles

helping mama with laundry
he sorts and I fold
then we both put away
[he is heavy]

and by far the best part of the day
the HOT TRUCK!!!
he talks about the hot truck ALL DAY LONG!
we drive by it most days
so today we stopped
he was in love
hot truck
hot truck
hot truck

and then we discovered there was one actually working!!!!

love this little boys excitiment for the small things in life 

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