Tuesday, November 1, 2016

trick r treat

Happy official Halloween!!
the day of candy has come
and boy do we have WAY to much candy...who would have thought that would be possible

but I guess there could be worse things

anyway here is how we celebrated
starting the day by blowing the leaves

then headed down to MES to see our cousins in the afternoon
and Uncle Jeff and everyone else

grandpa and his elephant and dinosaur 

home for pumpkin faced pizza
insert trying 

then let the fun begin
trick r treating through grandma and grandpas neighborhood
we had so much fun!
Arie really got into it
he loved running up to the door, knocking
picking his candy [even walked into one of the neighbors house]
eating the candy and running home

even through the candy
he was pretty exhausted 
once he calmed down 
he was OUT!

such a fun night!
love you little trick r treater!

1 comment:

  1. He makes a great elephant. And the converse kicks, too cute!