Sunday, November 6, 2016

outdoors and candy

and random silly fun

enjoy a beautiful fall day!
warm enough for shorts

a sucker and a big wheel ride

helping mama

another sucker!
big boy proud of himself for using the potty not potty trained.
just getting him use to the potty
and rewarding when he does :)

wake up and play with trucks
equals happy boy

another sucker!
another happy boy
and happy mama

taking a ride

another pretty afternoon
off to his favorite playground

having a second breakfast with mama
he ate.  got down and wanted to sit with me on the floor
while I ate...and he need a little more cereal of his own
he makes my heart smile

copying how mama sits

running around the tennis courts

spotted a grasshopper 
he was not afraid of us

didn't want to take a nap...ahhh
so told him to sit while I ate
and he did :-) 

lots of fun silly times with this one!

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