Monday, November 7, 2016

da da da da da

I'm loving it 

Football/band Friday night
Hunting Cabin aka FOUR WHEELER Saturday!

We went to Grandville football game Friday night
Arie loved it.  he was taking it all in
loved the band and clapping and cheering
good night of entertainment for all

blurry family selfie :) 

taking it ALL in

 watching the kids play under the bleachers :) 

and Saturday 
Arie in his complete glory!
vroom vroom

and to top it off

family ride through the woods

 walking with Ben and Anne

Grandpa time!

Uncle Jeff and Papa ...perfect!

vroom vroom again

and a little driving with Anne

oh what a good day!
Arie loved every minute of the cabin 
it was such a beautiful day and a great way to spend a Saturday!

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