Sunday, March 31, 2013

diaries of water the PLANTS...


They are back home... and safe and sound with the wonderful planting loving mom

Here are the after pictures
enjoying the sun

here they are leaving the office

plant one:  if you can see most of the yellow leaves were turning back to green, thanks to the sunlight
plant two: there was change BUT only good soooo close to be blooming wooott wooottt I didn't kill it and my mom can see its beautiful flowers soon.  this plant makes the whole thing worth it [kinda, i guess haha] success!
plant three: the same...the flowers were dying but the suspected since it was just out of bloom
plant four: still looks kinda dead like it did when it was brought to me

overall happy to have this experience over BUT i have to say that I did learn some things!
if you EVER need someone to watch and water your plants I WOULD BE SO HAPPY TO...recommend that you NOT ask me and ask my mom instead :)

Here is a wrap.
THE official END!

Monday, March 25, 2013

3.22...not a race [number]

It is a journey!! 
Haha. Couldn't resist that line

Well we are 6 months in. So we had a special date night

I made stuffed chicken and chocolate over load dessert
It was good....if I may say so
Then I feel asleep on the couch while watching tv ... Typical :) 

Happy 6 months to the love

Sunday, March 24, 2013

your are my sunshine

and you make me happy
thank you for being on our vacation
Florida vacation 2013 is a wrap.
what a great time away!

there was sun.  there was BURNING = long sleeve shirt day
there was a little rain...nothing to hold us back, can you say outlets and HUGE walmart
there was napping. reading. walking. biking. talking. swimming
eating. CANDY. McDonalds. laughing. relaxing. and even a cheesy FL souvenir shop

lots of fun was had!
didnt want to see it go but all good things must come to an end.

here is the photos review

First day on vacation...playing in the park
and the beach

Followed by a lovely dinner out
 The whole family
He has the same love for ICE CREAM as his auntie!

a day of biking around the island

a morning of fishing

girls rule...I caught the most BUT not one was big enough to keep
 one of the non keepers

dad caught a shark! and with J...they caught enough for dinner
lunch with beautiful flowers to look at
a little relaxing and swimming.  the ocean was FREEZING
the pool was much better

one day had to read in the bushes..a little windy!

out on our last this view

 and our last dinner

thanks again to my parentals for planning another successful Florida vacation!
bring the sun back when you come home.  please and thank you!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Is that a hot fudge sundae!?!

Walk to McDonald's on st. Pattys day AND
What do they say..I am sorry we do not have any shamrock shakes!
I should have known everyone wearing green was eating a hot fudge sundae. 
So I followed suit and celebrated this holiday with my dad eating a hot fudge sundae. Ha! 

I guess another 365 days until I get one! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

ready. set.....

time to JET.
I am ready to jet to FL today to see the my parents and brother and sister in law and Mr. Peanut butter cup!
and get a shamrock shake with my dad! 
and hopefully read a lot
and see the sunshine

 time to BLOOM
the plants are still living and ready show their least the third plant over seems like it will soon
[and proof picture to show my mom today that her babies are still in safe hands! haha]

so READY.SET.GO time!

Monday, March 11, 2013

$10 parking..NOW

nothing like sitting at Red Ball with B
talking and more talking
bc that is what we do best

then we realize we have 19 minutes before the play starts

so we hurry and pay
fly downtown
realize there was NO parking
eventually found the last $10 SPOT!  throw it in reverse and take it!
RAN literary ran to Civic and made it just in time for Fiddler on the Roof

fun night out with B!
always an experience!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

diaries of water the plants..cont

fourth friday in a row photo time

NOW After consulting the plant guru I was told that there needs to be more sun....well MI pulled through and granted us some beautiful days this week
so being a good babysitter as I am..haha I have been moving them to the window each day

see how happy they are to see the sun light

I do not feel I need to go through each plant this week because
DRUM ROLL please!
they are all STILL alive and all STILL pretty much look the same!!

Victory for another week!

holding on to that now
here's to only 2 weeks 4 days 7 hrs and 9 seconds left!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

like a rock

is not only a Bob Seger song but also BOB SEGER!
He is good and can sing...and had a TON of energy last night at the his concert

fist pumps to the air, running, singing
you name it, he did it
60 something year old...

I salute you Bob, like a rock!

Monday, March 4, 2013

calling all hobos

to the 4421
best way to pull the recycling out at my parents when the driveway has not been plowed for over two weeks...yes of course hold on with the back hatch open while your husband drives out

this was not my first rodeo, can recall another time through the NE side with the BOGO...that time it was a grill!

Yup I think that officially makes me a hobo!

Friday, March 1, 2013

diaries of water the plants CONT...

third Friday in a row left in my care.
drum roll please

after consulting with the plant guru...who suggested not watering so much [which now I am on a monday, thursday schedule each week]


after studying last week picture I think we are pretty much the same!
plant one: TOTALLY the same... lots of flower still!!  major air fists pump the air
plant two: looking a little more wrinkling in person, still dead looking..hmm
plant three: still two of the three buds!  and a little yellow...but no more than last week, small victory
plant four:  again still a little yellowing in the leaves...hmm

the plant guru also suggested sun light....welllll what can i say, we live in MI.  
that is not something I can be held responsible for.

now if only we can keep these results going

so 3 weeks...5 days.....55 min left!!!