Wednesday, November 9, 2016

political correct

pick your side
treat others nicely
and don't over post your opinions on social media

that is how I feel :) 

and now I will do the same
Instead I will post pictures of my child and food
because both make me happy

Election Day 2016
Arie's first visit to the polls
waiting in line with snacks [thank goodness for snacks]

later I saw this
this is the line we waitied in
[40 mins long...not bad]

post nap treat

taking advantage of voting rights
and free donuts :) 
we were both happy about that and so was grammy


then a little playing at the mall to burn off the sugar :) 

waiting for the polls to close
or waiting for papa to get home 

watching the results
but couldn't stay up
next morning
we have a new president

There you go 2016 elections are done!

1 comment:

  1. Repeat after me: Social Media is for babies, kitties/puppies/bunnies, and beautiful scenery. :)
    Also, Arie is going to be so disappointed when donut season wraps up.