Sunday, October 30, 2016

donuts and pumpkins cont

we have tried to pack in a lot of fall Halloween fun
Arie enjoys dressing up
and farms and orchards
and donuts
so we have taken advantage of all things fall :) 

starting off the donuts 
at the one and only
Krispy Kreme
just for fun
and bonus the light was on a free hot and fresh 

Arie was pleased with this stop

another donut
and lots of outdoor fun!
the Pumpkin train and Post Family Farms
I had never is a really neat place
and delicious donuts!

loving the hayride

picking out a pumpkin

another ride

the delicious donuts!

fun slide

and one last ride
thanks for taking us grammy

then it was off to trunk r treating at Mollys church!
oh so cute!!! and lots of fun

 back home to carve our pumpkin
Arie was not so interested in helping
but he did for a hot second :) 

he loved the results at night 
when papa put the candle inside

and the next day
checking it out again

a beautiful weekend
packed in with lots of fall activities 

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  1. Molly's church, I love that! Also, I think you should probably do a donut rating post. I think you have gathered enough data ;)