Wednesday, October 19, 2016

San Fran

not as planned
that is what I am calling this trip! ha.  
[I can only laugh now...]

Head off bright and early 
Arrived and first stop In and Out..never been. checked that box

walked around Fishermans wharf

and then found our double decker tour bus, which was very interesting and informative 
hello my name is tourist Kari :) 

and the Golden Gate Bridge!!

city hall

china town

and one tourist destination that was definitely not on our agenda
the ER...a very long wait which included a crazy lady yelling in the waiting area
cat scan, x-rays, pokes and morphine...
and they determined pneumonia 
up 23 1/2 hours straight and we finally made it back to our room to wrap up our first day!

 Day Two
Rain [hasn't rained since March I heard :-) hehe! it didn't hold us back]
we tried to do a bit of touring....but lets just say most of these pics were fake smile
pneumonia is painful...who knew...I didn't. 
and my body DOES not agree with strong pain meds...oyi!

Lombard street from the bottom

then we took our rental car to Muir Woods
the trees were beautiful and huge!

Muir Beach

and we visited Js cousins for a bit who live outside the city
unfortunately didn't get a picture

Day Three
Off we went to explore Sonoma
The winery's were all huge and unique in their own
we would stop...walk around and then keep driving
this outside was by far my favorite

inside a garden in another

a wine cave which Jason thought was neat

the views were beautiful

stopped a national park

another wine cave

Day Three
Back in the car and back over the bridge 
a very foggy morning 

checking out Lombard street
so crazy...we drove down it 

AHH.  the Full House house
J not so impressed. 
me thrilled!

off to Ghirardelli Chocolate
free chocolate yes please

 a cable car ride

Boudin Sourdough company clam chowder 

Pier 39 seals

Then we took a ferry
Under the Golden Gate and around Alcatraz
a little windy

Then we walked up WAY to many steps
up to Coit Tower

and walked back to the mall...which ended up closing at 7
opps so back to the hotel

Next morning
up bright and early and flew home to see this little buddy who was greatly missed
and word on the street was the feelings were mutual :) 

not the trip I had planned on
we tried to make the best of it as we could
thankful that at least the day I got home I started to feel better
and hoping to never get pneumonia again :-)

even though we may have been missed by this little buddy 
he was in GREAT loving hands!!
so thankful for so many pics like this that made my heart smile
and so thankful for my parents for watching him 
playing none stop
spoiling I am sure...which duh..donuts and ice cream in one day of course :) 
and loving on him none stop!
thank you thank you!!

 and these people
Arie got to see Uncle Jeff and Aunt Betsy a lot 
which looked like so much fun! 

learning new tricks
like how to ride a tricycle
and brush his teeth at the sink
ride a pony
and say the word Fish :) 

and he got to spend a lovely day with Grandma Marcia
who doesn't like shopping with a mini cart
visiting his GG
and even a trip to Coscto!

he was left in very good hands :) 

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  1. I dont think 2016 will be remembered for its AWESOME vacations...other things I'm sure! :)