Sunday, September 22, 2013

three hundred sixty five days

being married to J
it has been a year filled with lots of blessing, changes, moving, growing and the list can go on
very thankful for him and excited to see what the next year brings

It has been fun looking through our pics and watching our wedding movie

We 'celebrated' in a low key fashion and it was great!  even if home depot was in the mix ;-)

One year picture 

and visited with the parentals

Did a little art prize and visited the in laws
smooch couch seemed fitting

visiting what has consumed a lot of first year of marriage, in a good way 
we have a front porch too!

and got to open up our cake!
it made it, it was good.
[good job on preserving mom!]

and exchanged traditional first anniversary gifts
Paper = Cards
and a new sign for our house

Wonderful day!
say it again
truly blessed

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