Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ketchup or catch up

from the weekend.
Fyi kethup on soy chips very good. Don’t stick your noise up…give it a try, I will stand behind it!

So time to catch up.
Whitecaps game.
First of the season. Who doesn’t like to see cute boys in tight pants.

Megans couple’s baby shower.
Look at the cute belly. Cant wait to meet the little man in about six weeks.

Evo has arrived.
Convo in the lunch room with my dad went as follows:
D: so are you done disowning me/out of the dog house? Aka are you liking the new phone?
K: hmm pause. I guess.
K: guess which app I download
D: what?
K: lady gaga ringtones.
D: ok
K: bad romance is the best. Want to be one?
D: I will be any ringtone that makes you happy
End of story
K is very happy with the SCREAMING loud bad romance every time he calls [which is a lot!!] woot woot for dougie!

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