Thursday, June 17, 2010

pure michigan at its purest

Mackinaw weekend
Four girls & four bikes in northern Michigan [mackinaw city, island and traverse city] upgrades, running in the rain. quality inn! Lots of biking [3hrs about 28 miles] lots of fudge [at least 8 store samples. My favorite vanilla with chocolate chips] lots of laughs [phrase peeing like a race horse] lots of trinket shops [.50 hats!] just a fun weekend with the girls.

Summer baseball
Work party to the whitecaps game. Got rained out, but we were in a suite so it didn’t matter.

Berlin raceway
Random last minute adventure with my dad, mom and uncle! What does a race track have? Well elephant ears, men wearing LA gears. Camo pants. Lots of Nascar paraphernalia. Made friends with issac the eleven year old next to us and his brother and actually his whole family. See race fans are like one big happy family!

Reeds lake path
Repeat: four girls and four bikes.
Two times around! So fun

What does pure Michigan still hold: LOTS but…one thing specifically.
June 28--- LUDA concert. G and I are hitting that up! [she is my only brave friend to trek to Muskegon and attend luda!]
My chick good, my chick bad…..

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